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28 December 2011

God and the Spider

I am having some down time this winter to work on things, so I am going to re-visit some of my blogg posts from my Multiply site.  I am starting with a favorite story of mine, I hope you enjoy.

God and the Spider

During World War II, a US Paiute marine was separated from his unit on a Pacific island. The fighting had been intense, and in the smoke and the crossfire he had lost touch with his comrades.

Alone in the jungle, he could hear enemy soldiers coming in his direction. Scrambling for cover, he found his way up a high ridge to several small caves in the rock. Quickly he crawled inside one of the caves. Although safe for the moment, he realized that once the enemy soldiers looking for him swept up the ridge, they would quickly search all the caves and he would be killed.

As he waited, he prayed, "Creator, if it be your will, please protect me. Whatever your will though, I love you and trust you."

After praying, he lay quietly listening to the enemy begin to draw close. He thought, "Well, I guess the Lord isn't going to help me out of this one." Then he saw a spider begin to build a web over the front of his cave.

As he watched, listening to the enemy searching for him all the while, the spider layered strand after strand of web across the opening of the cave.

"Hah, he thought. "What I need is a brick wall and what the Lord has sent me is a spider web. God does have a sense of humor."

As the enemy drew closer he watched from the darkness of his hideout and could see them searching one cave after another. As they came to his, he got ready to make his last stand. To his amazement, however, after glancing in the direction of his cave, they moved on. Suddenly, he realized that with the spider web over the entrance, his cave looked as if no one had entered for quite a while.

"Creator, forgive me," prayed the young Paiute Indian. "I had forgotten that in you a spider's web is stronger than a brick wall."

We all face times of great trouble. When we do, it is so easy to forget the victories that God would work in our lives, sometimes in the most surprising ways. We must be reminded that in the Creator of All Things we will have success!"

And remember: Whatever is happening in your life, in the Great Mystery, a mere spider's web becomes a brick wall of protection.

16 December 2011

Grandmother Cedar ~ Winter Herb Studies

She is a good 40 feet tall

I thought my herbal studies were done for the season, but they don't call Him the Great Mystery for nothing... Last year I suffered Greatly from Non-Allergic Rhinitis for 9 months out of the year, only 3 summer months of relief before it began again this Fall.  I tried about Everything suggested to No avail.  I would use the over the counter Nose Spray for relief at night so that I could breathe and therefore sleep, waking in the early hours with major Sneezing Fits that led to more congestion to start my day.  Anyone that has taken said Nose Spray knows that you are only suppose to take it for about 3 days because it can cause symptoms to worsen.  So this year we happen to be in a campground with many Red Cedar Trees (Juniperus virginiana).  I did recall from the summer studies reading something about Juniper berries, so I looked it up.  Well I read that it was burned and inhaled for Respiratory ailments and I did just that.  The Huge Grandmother tree that we are set up near has been shedding tufts of her leaves and berry clusters.  I smudged the camper and inhaled the dried smoldering leaves.  This was 4 days ago and I have Not used the nose spray to breathe at night yet!! Praise the Great Spirit!!

She has shed her tufts of leaves and berries down for me to reach

I had also collected enough berries from the various trees to make a small tub of Juniper Berry Ointment.  This is good for wounds, itches, scars from burns, festering sores and the like, also psoriasis.  Please visit this very informational page on making herbal ointments and salves:   http://earthnotes.tripod.com/ckbk_o.htm

I left an offering of Tobacco in the designated place

The "tufts" of leaves and berries

Following was taken from a .pdf file located here: http://plants.usda.gov/plantguide/pdf/cs_juvi.pdf
The Blackfeet made a tea from the berries of the red cedar to stop vomiting (Kindscher 1992). A blackfeet remedy for arthritis and rheumatism was to boil red cedar leaves in water, add one-half teaspoon of turpentine, and when cooled, rub the mixture on affected parts. The Blackfeet also drank a tea made from red cedar root as a general tonic; mixed with
Populus leaves this root tea became a liniment for stiff backs or backache (McClintock 1909, Johnston 1970, Hellson 1974).

The Cheyenne steeped the leaves of the red cedar and drank the resulting tea to relieve persistent coughing or a tickling in the throat. It was also believed to produce sedative effects that were especially useful for calming a hyperactive person. Cheyenne women drank the red cedar tea to speed delivery during childbirth (Grinnell 1962). The Cheyenne, along with the Flathead, Nez Perce, Kutenai, and Sioux, made a tea from red cedar boughs, branches, and fleshy cones, which they drank for colds, fevers, tonsillitis, and pneumonia (Hart 1976).

As a cure for asthma, the Gros Ventres ate whole red cedar berries or pulverized them and boiled them to make a tea. They also made a preparation from the leaves mixed with the root, which they applied topically to control bleeding (Kroeber 1908). The Crows drank this medicinal tea to check diarrhea and to stop lung or nasal hemorrhage. Crow women drank it after childbirth for cleansing and healing (Hart 1976).

The young leafy twigs of the red cedar were officially listed in the
U.S. Pharmacopoeia from 1820 to 1894 as a diuretic (Kindscher 1992). The distilled oil of the red cedar has been officially listed as a reagent in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia since 1916 (ibid.).

05 December 2011

2011 Family Fun Festival

This coming Saturday we will be doing a Craft Show and Fun Festival at the Catholic Church!  Just in time to get some Great Handmae Gifts for anyone left on your Christmas List.  It will be at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church 700 Kingsland Drive - Folkston, GA 31357 ~ Saturday 10 December 2011 Starting at 10 am.  There will be Games for kids, Lots of Food, Crafts and Family Fun for ALL ages!  Craft and Food Vendor spots are still available contact Karen at Karen@stfrancisfolkston.com for details. 

**The poll for the music player on the 2012 Pow wow page is coming to an end and I have re-arraged the blog widgets.  Please be sure to check out the newest one, for Show schedules and maps on Arvel Bird! 

There is still plenty of time to get some Great Handcrafted items mail ordered in time for Christmas.  Visit the shop via the "Shop Window" on the right side of the blog to see some of the Awesome items we have made.  I am caught up with my special orders for now, so if you have a special request be sure to get it in soon!

On a Personal note that I have prayed on

I had sold a special order beaded Bear necklace to a friend back in June, and now 6 months later, after a Facebook Incident,  it was reported to me that it was a "Less than Perfect Bear" and shall be returned to me in March.  Above was the Only picture I had taken of it.  As with all Handcrafted items, each one is unique in its own way and I Make NO claims at being Perfect.  In Fact the Policies section in shop states: I am very proud of my feedback and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.  Items are described in great detail ~ we produce hand made items with their own uniqueness. In the unlikely event that a return is requested, all returns must include: all original items undamaged and be in re-saleable condition. Shipping fees are not refundable.
I had not stated a time limit on returns, however, as you all know most retail stores have a 90 day return limit. 

My point is that YES, I am Less than Perfect, for the ONLY perfect one is the Great Spirit who Created us.  From this point on ALL Bears I make will be Less than Perfect on purpose, with a spirit bead, that will be Prayers sent for this person who I shall never publicly refer to again. 

As another year comes to a close, times are getting tougher to survive in for some of us.  Keep your Faith, Walk the Good walk, Provide for the people, Share, Help and Love one another... Even and Especially if you do not know the person... for they were created just as you were and the Love should be given until and unless it is cast aside, and then, and Only then you need to turn it over to God for his is the Final word.  He has just now shown me the words to conclude today's blogg with a section from St. Matthew 7:20...

"Wherefore by thier fruits ye shall know them"

Much Love and many Prayers

01 December 2011

Military DD-214's Online Now!

It's official! DD-214's are NOW Online.
The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) has provided the following
website for veterans to gain access totheir DD-214s online:

 This may be particularly helpful when a veteran need s a copy of his DD-214for
 employment purposes. NPRC is working to make it easier for veterans with
 computers and Internet access to obtain copies of documents from their
 military files.
 Military veterans and the next of kin of deceased former military members may
 now use a new online military personnel records system to request
 Other individuals with a need for documents must still complete the Standard
 Form 180, which can be downloaded from the online web site. Because the
 requester will be asked to supply all information essential for NPRC toprocess
 the request, delays that normally occur when NPRC has to ask veterans for
 additional information will be minimized . The new web-based application was
 design ed to provide better service on these requests by eliminating the
 records enters mailroom and processing time.
 Please pass this information on to former military personnel you may know
 and their dependents.

19 November 2011

November is FREE Shipping Month!!!

I have been trying out different venues to host our Supply Shop, this new Division of www.SixDirectionsTraders.com  will provide all sorts of:  Beads, Bones, Feathers and Components you might need to craft your own Great: Tribal Regalia, Jewelry, Dance Outfit, Chokers, and the like!

 AND Here's the BEST Part... FREE Shipping on Supplies this month!! NO Additional per item shipping cost... Order Early for the Holli~Daze! 
Click the banner to start shopping:
Spiderwrulf NDN Supplies

840   841

842   843   845
846   847   

Please let us know if you are looking for anything in particular. The NEWEST Items are Tinted Organic Walnut Stain Bone!!!  I processed some Black walnut hulls and the soak water I used to Stain some Bone Hairpipe and Carved Pendants... What  a Beautiful Color, it makes it look almost like it is Wood!
Don't forget the FREE Shipping coupon for the Month of November in our Artfire shop as well
Click to coupon to visit the Shop... I will be listing many more items and End Of Year Clearance Items over the next few days here:

09 November 2011

Black Walnuts and Thumbs!

Stained from Hulling Black Walnuts!

It's that Black Thumb time of year!! I have processed the first batch of Black Walnuts.  These came from the 50 foot tree by the driveway, so when they dropped the hulls were aready cracked pretty good.  This tree did not produce very well last year but it was chock full this year!  They do seem a bit smaller than the nuts from last year on the other tree. 
Anyways... Let me know if anyone wants some Black walnuts!! Personally, I can't stand Walnuts, but they are VERY good for you.  Black Walnuts are a Super Nutrient for your body, and the hulls have many medicinal applications as well. Here is a little bit about them I found on a nut webpage.
If you're watching your cholesterol, these nuts can help make your diet a whole lot tastier. Black walnuts are very low in saturated fat, yet very high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which are the good fats that can lower bad cholesterolwhile maintaining good cholesterol.
Adding a few of these nuts to any dish can help boost its protein, iron and fiber content without adding sugar. They also make a nutritionally similar substitute for the tree nuts that are enjoyed in the now-popular and healthy Mediterranean diets.
You can even eat black walnuts for better overall cardiovascular health, as they contain large amounts of omega-3 fats, which help support cardiovascular function.
You can read more about Black Walnut health benefits here:

Well, getting ready to pow wow this weekend, almost all set up... gettting some beadwork done, and craving fried Chicken for sme reason!?!  Gonna go for now, see y'all after the weekend.

07 November 2011

Giveaway Winner Announced!

Our first giveaway for the Dragonfly Angel was determined this morning by Random.org
Congratulations to Sandy Jolley of North Carolina!!  You can see the list of entries here: http://sixdirectionstraders.com/giveaway.html  Our next Giveaway will be when our Facebook page hits 400 likes!! So please share us with your friends. 
Thank you Everyone for your support!

Travel day today as we head towards our next Pow wow.  Don't forget FREE shipping coupon for November in the shop.  Check out the new page tabs at the top of the blog... Coming Soon 2012 Pow wow page
Much Love and many prayers... see y'all down the trail

04 November 2011

2011 Folkston, Georgia Pow Wow and Frontier Days

November 11-13, 2011 ~ 6th Annual Gathering of Eagles
Pow Wow and Frontier Days  

Host Drum - Spirit Turtle; MC - Gray Wolf & aven Moon Bear; Veteran of Honor - TBD; Head man - Shawn Godwin; Head Lady - Dena Godwin; AD - Ken Cloudwalker; FREE Admission; Eagleville Wild West Show; 19th Century Blacksmithing by Macatee Forge; Train Rides for Kids; Tipi camp & Muskogee camp; Gates Open 10a - 10p;Grand Entry Fri & Sat 1pm & 7pm FREE PRIMITIVE CAMPING -call for reservations More Info contact Chi or Mary Kent (912)-496-4771 info@agatheringofeaglesinc.com website: http://www.agatheringofeaglesinc.com/

This will be our last event for the season, we have been doing this pow wow for about 4 years now.  it is a small gathering of pow wow people and the Eagleville Wild West Show, with many other surprises as well.  They have a 19th Century Blacksmith by Macatee Forge, Train Rides for Kids, Tipi Camp & Muskokee Creek Camp, FREE PRIMITIVE CAMPING -call for reservations (Hot Showers), 19th Century Demonstrators, Luck of the Draw (for registered dancers), Children's activities, Delicious Food, Public Auctions on Sat & Sun Afternoons, and the  Grand Entries: Fri & Sat, 1pm & 7pm...   ALL FREE TO THE PUBLIC !!

There Is ONE more day to get entered into the First Giveaway for a Dragonfly Angel Ornament... See the enter instructions here  Be sure to enter and see other ways of getting extra entries... one being; 'making a purchase from the online shop'...(see coupon below;)

Please Notice the Poll on the right side corner of the blogg...>>>^ 
There were MANY comments about MY musical choice for the dot com's Pow wow page this year... I chose a Native American 'RAP' song (sorry, but I love ALL kinds of music) Anyway, this year I have a poll to decide which type of Native song YOU want to hear on the Pow Wow page for next year's mucic player. 

We will be gearing up the online shop and rolling out the New Supplies shop in this next month.  Which brings me to this month's Cooupon Code... 11NOV11-FREE

Free Shipping on your purchase, So get started on your Holli~Daze Shopping with some really Great Handcrafted in the U.S.A. Items.  Please Don't forget that I Enjoy making personalized Special Order's Just for YOU, so Order Early!  I am hoping to get a mini-catalog out, we'll see, there just is NOT enough spare hours in a day at this time of year.
Much Love and many prayers

30 October 2011

The King's 5th Shield ~ My Chain Maille Story

The King's 5th Shield

Many years ago in a land called Florida Institute of Technology (at the time).  I was a Lowly ninja, still learning many important life lessons... I met some people that called their group M.E.A.D. (the Medieval Eating And Drinking society) I was Intrigued by the Armour & Weapons they made, as I have Always Loved Weapons and fighting techniques.  It seems they had an entire society of people who made armour, costumes,  and weapons, fought battles and such and had a whole story line and ranking order with other societies through out the state. 

I was quickly accepted into their ranks as a Free Lance Mercenary.  I enjoyed the fighter training and did not expect to get invited to a Battle, but I was learning many Great things from these people. I also did not have any armour of my own and that was definitely needed for a place on the battlefield.  One day at fighter practice, they all had an especially fun time laughing at me and my techniques... Not just because I was a girl fighter, but because I refused to carry a Shield... You see that was how they fought melee, a Sword in one hand and a shield in the other.  Well, I fought with two Swords and No shield.  Apparently I moved around too much as well, so they got the idea to put me in full armour.  The King himself stepped up and volunteered His armour for me to wear whilst being tested for a battle spot!  "Wait WHAT?!?!"  Too late, I was already in the armour and on the field facing off with my opponent.  Apparently I was fighting for the Kings 5th Shield position (Whatever that was). 

Well, I knew the rules and had been watching for some time, so here it was.  I requested 2 swords and they provided it.  I fought against a man with a pole arm which is a long wooden staff with a blade on the end of it.  Long story short... I had three clean kills on him and they were ALL yelling and cheering... or was it Jeering, they said I moved around too much and really have to carry a shield in Battle.  The King's call was that I won the position fair and square and that if I made some Armour of my own and would put down one sword for a shield, that I could be the King's 5th shield! 

I Gracefully Declined, slipped back into the Shadows of Igga with my new found Knowledge.  The most important being that I had learned how to make Chain Maille Armour!!  AND the King's finest Armourer gave me a bag of rings for which to practice with.

Now, making Chain Maille into Jewellry is coming back Big!  Hmmm... I wonder if I still have it?  Oh I still have the Maille I mde from every last one of those rings given me... But did I remember the technique? And there were so many more different patterns available now!! WOW!!

Longer Story Shorter... Here is my first attempt at a second time around Amateur Chain Maille Armour/Jeweler


28 October 2011

Sneak Peek Pre-Opening Special** Spiderwrulf NDN Supplies

9 days left !
There are 9 days left to enter to win a Dragonfly Angel Ornament.  Please see the original post to enter (and see additional ways to enter) here: http://blogg.sixdirectionstraders.com/2011/10/first-giveaway-dragonfly-angel.html

I have signed up to use Random Picker to choose the winner.  The protocol there is on this page:

I am working on the Supplies shop which will be hosted and part of www.SixDirectionsTraders.com Be sure to let me know if there are any supplies that you would like to see us carry. I know that some of the places we go to pow wow do not have supply vendors and I want to start providing this service. Especially for the people that need specific "Special Order" items. I will have more specifics on this as the site builds. You can get a sneak peak here:

All Supplies available for sale so far are listed in our "By These Hands" online shop until about mid November at this link:

**The "Special" is FREE SHIPPING on the Supplies category until the end of the year! Click the spider to shop~~~~>    //^@^\\

You have to sign up for Free with "By These Hands" in order to make a purchase from that shop, which is another reason I am going to host my own onine shop here.  "By These Hands" is a quick, safe,  and easy online e-commerce shop site, but I am going to try and host the entire shop myself. 

One more thing today before I close, If you were ever thinking about getting a website hosted yourself, Hostmonster.com has quite a special going on right now for $3.95 per month good until 31 October 2011.  I have been very Happy with what I get for the money at Hostmonster, I have been with them for several years now. 

22 October 2011

Chill in the Air... Fire up the Oven!

Well the first Frost has hit some of the "Deep South" which means I can fire up the Oven!!  Living in a camper there are certain things that have to be done.  One being not to use the oven in the Summer.  You do a LOT of crock pot cooking and grilling.  Well it's time to get back to making PIZZA!!! WooHoo  Nothing too fancy, I use the Pilsbury refigerated dough and then get creative after that!  Oh yes and then there is Cookies, Baked Pasta, Casseroles, Biscuts, Cornbread, and various oven-baked Goodness.  Which, BTW helps with the heating bill as well .

Anyway (read like Ellen says it) I pulled out another instruction sheet from a kit I had  bought Years ago, for Beaded Snowflakes.  I had a lot of fun making these, and they make Great Inexpensive gifts.   There's Nothing like
~ Handmade in the U.S.A.!! ~

There is one more pow wow this year for us to do here in Folkston, GA November 11-13, 2011  Then I get a much needed Winter rest.  Rest?!? LOL Yeeaah right... I will be working on re-stocking (a never-ending story) and tweaking up the online shop for the Holidaze.  So, if you are interested in any of these cute Holiday Themed Handcraafted Beadwork be sure to make your orders Early. 
 Halloween is Almost here, so don't forget to stock up on GOOD Treats for the little Gouls and Bats coming to Trick you this year.  I highly recommend Rice Krispie Treats  They are Easy and FUN, and there are LOTS of Really Cool Ideas and Recipes.  Here is my Creation:

Iktomi Rice Krispie Treat

And finally here are a few more .gif files for Halloween that I have collected over the years...

Don't forget to visit the Dragonfly Angel Post and enter the Giveaway!  There are a handful entered so far and it will run through 6 November 2011.

20 October 2011

Comment settings Changed...

I Didn't realize that the comment setting was for blogger ppl only.. Now it is set for Everyone to leave comments... So be sure to enter the contest!!

19 October 2011

First Giveaway ~ Dragonfly Angel

I have been tossing around the idea of a Giveaway for some time... Now that I have brought back the Dragonfly Angel, I think I will give it a go! 
This is the Giveaway Prize!

This year has been important in my life, I lost my father to Cancer 22 years ago.  He was a Jeweler and very much an inspiration in my life.  I am the only one of his 4 children that has pursued the Artistic qualities handed down to us.  I have realized that from this point on, I will live longer without my father than with him.  His birthday would have been November 6 and he would have been 83 this year.  THUS, the ending date for the Giveaway.
How to Enter:
Want to win? Now through 11:59pm EST 6 November 2011 you can enter to
win a Dragonfly Angel!

To enter this contest, simply leave a comment on this blog. Please remember to leave a way for me to contact you if you win. Your contact information will only be used for acquiring your address information should you win this contest.

For additional entries:
1. Tweet this contest. Comment here with your twitter name.
2. Become a fan of SixDirectionsTraders on Facebook and leave a comment about the Dragonfly Angel on there.
3. Blog about this contest. Comment here with a link to the blog

4. Follow this blog with an email subscription.
5. Visit Six Directions Traders shop to see what your favorite item is, then leave the comment here.
6. Make a purchase in the shop and you will automatically get 5 extra entries. 
By random draw, we will choose an entry and notify the winner through email (or method given in entry to contact you.)  If winner does not respond within three days, a new winner will be chosen.

Each one comes with this printed card
Good Luck!

16 October 2011

Fly the American Flag at Half Staff Sunday

Fly the American Flag at Half Staff on Sunday 10/16/2011
National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service

Presidential Proclamation--Fire Prevention Week

Fires, whether caused by people or nature, can have devastating effects. Hundreds of thousands of fires happen in and around American homes every year, killing or injuring thousands of people and causing untold damage to families and communities. This week, we honor the selfless first responders who put themselves on the line to safeguard us all from fire, and we reaffirm the need for Americans to practice fire safety throughout the year.

This year's Fire Prevention Week theme, "Protect Your Family from Fire," encourages all Americans to promote fire prevention awareness both inside and outside the home. Everyone can take significant steps to mitigate the risk of fire, from installing and maintaining smoke alarms on every level of their home to practicing safe cooking behaviors. Families can help protect themselves by designing and practicing an escape plan that includes an outside meeting place with multiple exit paths out of each room. And, with the help of local safety officials, families can work together to protect their neighborhood with a Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

In 2011, Federal firefighting grants have been provided to 16 States to assist with wildfires that have caused destruction to families, farms, and businesses. Those living with the threat of wildfire can safeguard their houses by mowing dry grasses to two inches or less, and by clearing brush, leaves, green grass, and lumber from around their homes. By taking precautionary steps, and by discussing and practicing evacuation plans with our families, we can empower ourselves and our communities with the tools to prevent fires, and to save lives, property, and livestock when fires do occur.

This week, our Nation honors the dedicated firefighters and other first responders who do the hard, dangerous work of keeping our communities safe from fire. Many have laid down their lives to save our friends and neighbors, and their selfless sacrifice defines the nature of courage. As we pay tribute to their memories, let us resolve to maintain our vigilance and take proactive steps to stop fire emergencies before they begin.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim October 9 through October 15, 2011, as Fire Prevention Week. On Sunday, October 16, 2011, in accordance with Public Law 107 51, the flag of the United States will be flown at half staff on all Federal office buildings in honor of the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service. I call on all Americans to participate in this observance with appropriate programs and activities and by renewing their efforts to prevent fires and their tragic consequences.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this seventh day of October, in the year of our Lord two thousand eleven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-sixth.


08 October 2011

Heading for Halloween

Well the leaves are really starting to change now as we head for Halloween.  We just did a stint of 33 days of travelling and pow wows and are settled down for a bit in Georgia.  We are gonna get caught up on some work, restocking, and a couple special orders.  I actually have a small line of Halloween Spirit Beaded Earrings, some of which have already sold.  I will post pictures of the ones that are not in the shop that I am making again.  If you see a pair you might want please let me know, seems they go fast ;)

We have another powwow coming up in November that we do in Folkston, GA.  That will probably be the last event for the season for us, as I say I need to restock.  Here is the info for the pow wow:

November 11-13, 2011 ~ 6th Annual Gathering of Eagles
Pow Wow and Frontier Days 
Host Drum - Spirit Turtle; MC - Gray Wolf & aven Moon Bear; Veteran of Honor - TBD; Head man - Shawn Godwin; Head Lady - Dena Godwin; AD - Ken Cloudwalker; FREE Admission; Eagleville Wild West Show; 19th Century Blacksmithing by Macatee Forge; Train Rides for Kids; Tipi camp & Muskogee camp; Gates Open 10a - 10p;Grand Entry Fri & Sat 1pm & 7pm FREE PRIMITIVE CAMPING -call for reservations More Info contact Chi or Mary Kent (912)-496-4771 info@agatheringofeaglesinc.com website: http://www.agatheringofeaglesinc.com/

We will be working on the online shop this winter and hopefully starting a new section of the shop for Supplies!  Seems where we go up north on the trail, there are not any Supply Vendors.  So I have been selling some "Destash" items (new word I learned LOL) Horn, Bone, Beads and Claws that I have extra and above that are not, as of yet, slated to be used for something.  I will probably get into some hanks of seed beads and stringing materials as well.  Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see in the shop "Supplies" section.  I will be listing the supplies online as well, but I have to determine what venue I will use to sell them, as I do not want to disrupt my Handmade Artifact on Artfire. 

Please see my othr shop at "By These Hands" which I started a couple months ago.  I will be listing other items also not found in my Artfire shop.  I made a trade for some Great Tribal Horn and Bone Carved Earrings and they are listed there.

Well off to work, lots to do.  Stay safe this Halloween and see us at Folkston!