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21 August 2011

Grand re-Opening of the NEW & Improved Wrulfblogg!!

Greetings & Welcome again to the NEW Wrulfblogg!!

I think I have most of this figured out now, I am sure I will Tweak some of the Widgets you see around the page now and again.  I am Really liking this Blogger, they have a LOT of Great Tools and especially the fact that I have Integrated into my dot com.  I Highly recommend Blogger to anyone looking at starting a Blog.  Please note to the right side of the page, you can sign up to get blogg update by e-mail now.

Wearing my Purple Batman shirt in Batcave, NC!

I Love it here in the mountains!  We are enjoying our stay, relaxing, networking, and getting some good Focus time.  We will be getting back to pow wows starting the first week in September.  Following will be the next events we will set up at. 
You can always visitour pow wow page at  www.SixDirectionsTraders.com to see a list of Pow Wows for the Southeast USA. 

I Love special Orders and I am working on a few right now, so feel free to contact me, if you see anything you like, but would rather it be different colors or personalized in any way.  I am working on a line of beaded picture earrings for Halloween, and some specific NFL Football team items.  I have ALL 5 Military Branch Logos in the "Beaded Keychains" section of my shop, but these can be adapted into other product lines such as: Feathers, Amulet bags, Earrings and the like. 

Thank you again for visiting the Wrulfblogg.  Please stay tuned for Giveaways, Freebies, Unique Links, and General Funnies on the N-between pow wow times!

Much Love and many prayers