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15 August 2011

Website Tie-In - Google Errors and More!

I have  been wondering ALL morning why I am gettting weird google 404 errors when trying to get to pages on my dot com.... www.SixDirectionsTraders.com While trying to connect to Blogger and integrate to my website, I changed something for the Main, instead of the subdomain.  ALL is fixed and should be back to normal in a few hours when the servers refresh.  There will be a new button on the navigation bar on the dot com to get to the blogg now. 

Anyways... WELCOME!! to the New and Improved Wrulfblogg!!!
We are in a re-grouping mode at the moment.  In the Mountains of NC, relaxing and restocking the shop, doing some camper maintenance, and just trying to get centered again. 

We had an Awesome Time in Asheville Friday night listening to my good friend Shawn's band... Uncle Hamish and the Hooligans 

I used to write a blog titled "Behind the Outback"  our travels from the road.  We still travel, just more careful where now, and I am into so many more things now like my herbal research. 

I have also been inspired by Shala Kerrigan, whom I have followed for many years for beading innovations, patterns and her cute little printables!  You can visit her Blogger at: http://www.donteatthepaste.com/  and her beading site has Awesome bank graph paper here: http://shala.addr.com/beads/resources/graphpaper/index.html

OK, I know I am kinda rambling now, but i wanted to get in some kudos and links onto the new blogg.  Now I gotta get this day started!!
Much Love and many prayers