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13 September 2011

Drums of Painted Mountain Pow Wow - Cedar Bluff, VA

This weekend's pow wow is a first time pow wow and is being hosted by Grey Wolf and elder in the Virginia mountains area.  I am looking forward to visiting Virginia one more time this season, I just love it there!  Ken will be the MC at this pow wow as well, He really enjoys helping and working the pow wow.  Hope to see you all there, I have some exciting New Product to display. 

September 16 - 18, 2011 ~ Drums of Painted Mountain Powwow
Presented by: Inter Tribal Council of Southwest Virginia 
MC - Ke Cloudwalker; Lead Male Dancer: Jeff Kemp; Lead Female Dancer: Elaina Tapley; Host Drum: Red Fire Singers; Native American Arts and Crafts;Native American Dancing; Good Food, Storytelling, Demonstrations, Special Programs, Bring Your Lawn Chairs and the Entire Family; Everyone Welcome! Open to the public! All Traditional Drums, Singers, Dancers, Welcome!Drugs, Alcohol, and Weapons are Prohibited! Friday 16: 1PM - 8:30PM Grand entry: 5PM; Saturday 17: 10AM - 8:30PM Grand entry: 12 Noon; Sunday 18: 1PM - 5PM Grand entry: 2PM; Admission Donation: Adults: $5, Students: $4, Children 8yrs and up: $4, Children under 8yrs: Free, Veterans & Seniors 55yrs and over: $3, Veterans with Veterans Feather: Free; Inter Tribal Council of Southwest Virginia - 590 Eva’s Walk, Pounding Mill, Virginia 24637 - Phone: 276-596-9281; CONTACT Info - Gray Wolf Wilson Or Lorie Clifton 276-596-9281 V endor contrat and website: http://www.intertribalcouncil.com/ Email is intertribalcouncil@yahoo.com