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09 September 2011

Plans ~ Pow Wows ~ and Peace

We have had many changes in plans over the past several months... it's just how we live.  We do what we are directed to do by the Great Spirit.  Someone on Facebook the other day asked, "What are your plans today?"... My answer was: finish some pinback feathers, start drying things out, and count my blessings (not necessarily in that order)  We were going to go back to the Lake Lure area in between these pow wows, but then the weather came and Chief Jim asked us to come to their gathering this friday.  Thankfully Clyde and Mayola directed us to this Awesome little campground in the mountains.  It got kinda scarey with the weather, a Tornado touched down less than 2 miles from here and we are on a creek that we watched rise pretty good with the rain.  As of now, we will be heading to the next pow wow in Cedar Bluff, VA next wednesday. 

Pow Wows...
This past weekends first time pow wow was simply Incredible.  Creator brought all these people together and we Danced, Sang and Honored in a way that would make Family jealous.  The locals came out and some camped all weekend with us, they were so very welcoming and supporting to have us back again.  The promoter posted the following:
I would like to take this time to thank everyone that attended the first annual Foothills Native American Powwow this past Labor Day weekend. We had 5500 guest not bad for the first one. We had over a 100 dancers, and 14 vendors, we had the greatest group of dancers male & female possible. We want to thank all our guest and let you know we will be back next year Labor Day weekend. And you all are invited to attend next year. 
I would like to thank my blood brother Raven Wood Drum & Singers. Raven Wood is the best, he is trustworthy and very helpful to others. Here is an example we gave him his pay envelope and minutes later he returns and said someone made a mistake and overpaid him and returned over amount. As it turns out we did overpay Raven by mistake . We miscounted the money, Raven Wood is an honest man and a great drummer and singer. I would recommend him to any Powwow. Thank you Raven. 
I'd like to thank the arena director Thundering Buffalo Jack Johnson and head lady dancers Woman Brave Spirit Marsha Johnson, Mayola Maize, also would like to thank all the lady dancers. We had 2 head veterans, we would like to thank each of them Carlos Martin & Clyde Maize. Also we'd like to thank Clyde Maize for displaying all the necessary flags for the Powwow ceremony. It has been a long time since I've met people this great. We would like to than the VFW Hall for their Veterans Tribute. We would like to thank Running Wolfe, Burt Lemons & Ann Lemons. I can't thank of all the names of the wonderful dancers and craft vendors but thank you all. 
I'd also like to thank our MC Ken Cloudwalker and his wife. You are great people we love you. You did a wonderful job, I'd recommend you to any Powwow organization. Also would like to thank Chief Johnson, Chief Jim Wilson and everyone I haven't mentioned. Thank you all for making this spiritual gathering a success in spiritually changing lives and healing. I was told by several people the spirit was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Many of you that was there know what I'm talking about. This Powwow was in the creators hands and in his direction. Thank you creator for making this possible and keeping our people safe as they traveled to and from this event. Thank you for watching over Chief Johnson, Jack Johnson and Marsha Johnson and the others that broke down on the mountain south of Sparta, NC. Thank you great one for sending Raven Wood to assist our tribe in a time of need and seeing everyone home. Thank you all and stay safe in your travels. Eldon Speer aka Double Trouble

I have many more pictures and a few videos that still need to be posted.  We will be attending a gathering by the Nuluti Equani Ehi Tribe this friday and I should be able to upload more then.  The interent and phone service is very Iffy here in this hollow.  It's OK though, it is soooo very Peaceful with the creek running in the background and wonderful wild herbs growing all around... I have even begun collecting the Black Walnuts for this years medicine!  The doggies are able to have their Harness' off and run FREE because we are the only people in the campground.  Bear went swimming yesterday, he Loves the water (way too COLD for me though!)  We are definitely having some much needed quiet time here and enjoying every minute of it... for soon it will be long travels, one after another, for a month strait before we can stop again. 

In closing I would like to Thank ALL the Family and Peoples that came together for the Foothills pow wow.  It was a VERY special event, and we look forward to doing it again next year. We Love y'all very much and will see you down the road... sooner than you might think ;)  Much Love and Many Prayers