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22 October 2011

Chill in the Air... Fire up the Oven!

Well the first Frost has hit some of the "Deep South" which means I can fire up the Oven!!  Living in a camper there are certain things that have to be done.  One being not to use the oven in the Summer.  You do a LOT of crock pot cooking and grilling.  Well it's time to get back to making PIZZA!!! WooHoo  Nothing too fancy, I use the Pilsbury refigerated dough and then get creative after that!  Oh yes and then there is Cookies, Baked Pasta, Casseroles, Biscuts, Cornbread, and various oven-baked Goodness.  Which, BTW helps with the heating bill as well .

Anyway (read like Ellen says it) I pulled out another instruction sheet from a kit I had  bought Years ago, for Beaded Snowflakes.  I had a lot of fun making these, and they make Great Inexpensive gifts.   There's Nothing like
~ Handmade in the U.S.A.!! ~

There is one more pow wow this year for us to do here in Folkston, GA November 11-13, 2011  Then I get a much needed Winter rest.  Rest?!? LOL Yeeaah right... I will be working on re-stocking (a never-ending story) and tweaking up the online shop for the Holidaze.  So, if you are interested in any of these cute Holiday Themed Handcraafted Beadwork be sure to make your orders Early. 
 Halloween is Almost here, so don't forget to stock up on GOOD Treats for the little Gouls and Bats coming to Trick you this year.  I highly recommend Rice Krispie Treats  They are Easy and FUN, and there are LOTS of Really Cool Ideas and Recipes.  Here is my Creation:

Iktomi Rice Krispie Treat

And finally here are a few more .gif files for Halloween that I have collected over the years...

Don't forget to visit the Dragonfly Angel Post and enter the Giveaway!  There are a handful entered so far and it will run through 6 November 2011.