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08 October 2011

Heading for Halloween

Well the leaves are really starting to change now as we head for Halloween.  We just did a stint of 33 days of travelling and pow wows and are settled down for a bit in Georgia.  We are gonna get caught up on some work, restocking, and a couple special orders.  I actually have a small line of Halloween Spirit Beaded Earrings, some of which have already sold.  I will post pictures of the ones that are not in the shop that I am making again.  If you see a pair you might want please let me know, seems they go fast ;)

We have another powwow coming up in November that we do in Folkston, GA.  That will probably be the last event for the season for us, as I say I need to restock.  Here is the info for the pow wow:

November 11-13, 2011 ~ 6th Annual Gathering of Eagles
Pow Wow and Frontier Days 
Host Drum - Spirit Turtle; MC - Gray Wolf & aven Moon Bear; Veteran of Honor - TBD; Head man - Shawn Godwin; Head Lady - Dena Godwin; AD - Ken Cloudwalker; FREE Admission; Eagleville Wild West Show; 19th Century Blacksmithing by Macatee Forge; Train Rides for Kids; Tipi camp & Muskogee camp; Gates Open 10a - 10p;Grand Entry Fri & Sat 1pm & 7pm FREE PRIMITIVE CAMPING -call for reservations More Info contact Chi or Mary Kent (912)-496-4771 info@agatheringofeaglesinc.com website: http://www.agatheringofeaglesinc.com/

We will be working on the online shop this winter and hopefully starting a new section of the shop for Supplies!  Seems where we go up north on the trail, there are not any Supply Vendors.  So I have been selling some "Destash" items (new word I learned LOL) Horn, Bone, Beads and Claws that I have extra and above that are not, as of yet, slated to be used for something.  I will probably get into some hanks of seed beads and stringing materials as well.  Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see in the shop "Supplies" section.  I will be listing the supplies online as well, but I have to determine what venue I will use to sell them, as I do not want to disrupt my Handmade Artifact on Artfire. 

Please see my othr shop at "By These Hands" which I started a couple months ago.  I will be listing other items also not found in my Artfire shop.  I made a trade for some Great Tribal Horn and Bone Carved Earrings and they are listed there.

Well off to work, lots to do.  Stay safe this Halloween and see us at Folkston!