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30 October 2011

The King's 5th Shield ~ My Chain Maille Story

The King's 5th Shield

Many years ago in a land called Florida Institute of Technology (at the time).  I was a Lowly ninja, still learning many important life lessons... I met some people that called their group M.E.A.D. (the Medieval Eating And Drinking society) I was Intrigued by the Armour & Weapons they made, as I have Always Loved Weapons and fighting techniques.  It seems they had an entire society of people who made armour, costumes,  and weapons, fought battles and such and had a whole story line and ranking order with other societies through out the state. 

I was quickly accepted into their ranks as a Free Lance Mercenary.  I enjoyed the fighter training and did not expect to get invited to a Battle, but I was learning many Great things from these people. I also did not have any armour of my own and that was definitely needed for a place on the battlefield.  One day at fighter practice, they all had an especially fun time laughing at me and my techniques... Not just because I was a girl fighter, but because I refused to carry a Shield... You see that was how they fought melee, a Sword in one hand and a shield in the other.  Well, I fought with two Swords and No shield.  Apparently I moved around too much as well, so they got the idea to put me in full armour.  The King himself stepped up and volunteered His armour for me to wear whilst being tested for a battle spot!  "Wait WHAT?!?!"  Too late, I was already in the armour and on the field facing off with my opponent.  Apparently I was fighting for the Kings 5th Shield position (Whatever that was). 

Well, I knew the rules and had been watching for some time, so here it was.  I requested 2 swords and they provided it.  I fought against a man with a pole arm which is a long wooden staff with a blade on the end of it.  Long story short... I had three clean kills on him and they were ALL yelling and cheering... or was it Jeering, they said I moved around too much and really have to carry a shield in Battle.  The King's call was that I won the position fair and square and that if I made some Armour of my own and would put down one sword for a shield, that I could be the King's 5th shield! 

I Gracefully Declined, slipped back into the Shadows of Igga with my new found Knowledge.  The most important being that I had learned how to make Chain Maille Armour!!  AND the King's finest Armourer gave me a bag of rings for which to practice with.

Now, making Chain Maille into Jewellry is coming back Big!  Hmmm... I wonder if I still have it?  Oh I still have the Maille I mde from every last one of those rings given me... But did I remember the technique? And there were so many more different patterns available now!! WOW!!

Longer Story Shorter... Here is my first attempt at a second time around Amateur Chain Maille Armour/Jeweler