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28 October 2011

Sneak Peek Pre-Opening Special** Spiderwrulf NDN Supplies

9 days left !
There are 9 days left to enter to win a Dragonfly Angel Ornament.  Please see the original post to enter (and see additional ways to enter) here: http://blogg.sixdirectionstraders.com/2011/10/first-giveaway-dragonfly-angel.html

I have signed up to use Random Picker to choose the winner.  The protocol there is on this page:

I am working on the Supplies shop which will be hosted and part of www.SixDirectionsTraders.com Be sure to let me know if there are any supplies that you would like to see us carry. I know that some of the places we go to pow wow do not have supply vendors and I want to start providing this service. Especially for the people that need specific "Special Order" items. I will have more specifics on this as the site builds. You can get a sneak peak here:

All Supplies available for sale so far are listed in our "By These Hands" online shop until about mid November at this link:

**The "Special" is FREE SHIPPING on the Supplies category until the end of the year! Click the spider to shop~~~~>    //^@^\\

You have to sign up for Free with "By These Hands" in order to make a purchase from that shop, which is another reason I am going to host my own onine shop here.  "By These Hands" is a quick, safe,  and easy online e-commerce shop site, but I am going to try and host the entire shop myself. 

One more thing today before I close, If you were ever thinking about getting a website hosted yourself, Hostmonster.com has quite a special going on right now for $3.95 per month good until 31 October 2011.  I have been very Happy with what I get for the money at Hostmonster, I have been with them for several years now.