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09 November 2011

Black Walnuts and Thumbs!

Stained from Hulling Black Walnuts!

It's that Black Thumb time of year!! I have processed the first batch of Black Walnuts.  These came from the 50 foot tree by the driveway, so when they dropped the hulls were aready cracked pretty good.  This tree did not produce very well last year but it was chock full this year!  They do seem a bit smaller than the nuts from last year on the other tree. 
Anyways... Let me know if anyone wants some Black walnuts!! Personally, I can't stand Walnuts, but they are VERY good for you.  Black Walnuts are a Super Nutrient for your body, and the hulls have many medicinal applications as well. Here is a little bit about them I found on a nut webpage.
If you're watching your cholesterol, these nuts can help make your diet a whole lot tastier. Black walnuts are very low in saturated fat, yet very high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which are the good fats that can lower bad cholesterolwhile maintaining good cholesterol.
Adding a few of these nuts to any dish can help boost its protein, iron and fiber content without adding sugar. They also make a nutritionally similar substitute for the tree nuts that are enjoyed in the now-popular and healthy Mediterranean diets.
You can even eat black walnuts for better overall cardiovascular health, as they contain large amounts of omega-3 fats, which help support cardiovascular function.
You can read more about Black Walnut health benefits here:

Well, getting ready to pow wow this weekend, almost all set up... gettting some beadwork done, and craving fried Chicken for sme reason!?!  Gonna go for now, see y'all after the weekend.