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19 November 2011

November is FREE Shipping Month!!!

I have been trying out different venues to host our Supply Shop, this new Division of www.SixDirectionsTraders.com  will provide all sorts of:  Beads, Bones, Feathers and Components you might need to craft your own Great: Tribal Regalia, Jewelry, Dance Outfit, Chokers, and the like!

 AND Here's the BEST Part... FREE Shipping on Supplies this month!! NO Additional per item shipping cost... Order Early for the Holli~Daze! 
Click the banner to start shopping:
Spiderwrulf NDN Supplies

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Please let us know if you are looking for anything in particular. The NEWEST Items are Tinted Organic Walnut Stain Bone!!!  I processed some Black walnut hulls and the soak water I used to Stain some Bone Hairpipe and Carved Pendants... What  a Beautiful Color, it makes it look almost like it is Wood!
Don't forget the FREE Shipping coupon for the Month of November in our Artfire shop as well
Click to coupon to visit the Shop... I will be listing many more items and End Of Year Clearance Items over the next few days here: