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05 December 2011

2011 Family Fun Festival

This coming Saturday we will be doing a Craft Show and Fun Festival at the Catholic Church!  Just in time to get some Great Handmae Gifts for anyone left on your Christmas List.  It will be at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church 700 Kingsland Drive - Folkston, GA 31357 ~ Saturday 10 December 2011 Starting at 10 am.  There will be Games for kids, Lots of Food, Crafts and Family Fun for ALL ages!  Craft and Food Vendor spots are still available contact Karen at Karen@stfrancisfolkston.com for details. 

**The poll for the music player on the 2012 Pow wow page is coming to an end and I have re-arraged the blog widgets.  Please be sure to check out the newest one, for Show schedules and maps on Arvel Bird! 

There is still plenty of time to get some Great Handcrafted items mail ordered in time for Christmas.  Visit the shop via the "Shop Window" on the right side of the blog to see some of the Awesome items we have made.  I am caught up with my special orders for now, so if you have a special request be sure to get it in soon!

On a Personal note that I have prayed on

I had sold a special order beaded Bear necklace to a friend back in June, and now 6 months later, after a Facebook Incident,  it was reported to me that it was a "Less than Perfect Bear" and shall be returned to me in March.  Above was the Only picture I had taken of it.  As with all Handcrafted items, each one is unique in its own way and I Make NO claims at being Perfect.  In Fact the Policies section in shop states: I am very proud of my feedback and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.  Items are described in great detail ~ we produce hand made items with their own uniqueness. In the unlikely event that a return is requested, all returns must include: all original items undamaged and be in re-saleable condition. Shipping fees are not refundable.
I had not stated a time limit on returns, however, as you all know most retail stores have a 90 day return limit. 

My point is that YES, I am Less than Perfect, for the ONLY perfect one is the Great Spirit who Created us.  From this point on ALL Bears I make will be Less than Perfect on purpose, with a spirit bead, that will be Prayers sent for this person who I shall never publicly refer to again. 

As another year comes to a close, times are getting tougher to survive in for some of us.  Keep your Faith, Walk the Good walk, Provide for the people, Share, Help and Love one another... Even and Especially if you do not know the person... for they were created just as you were and the Love should be given until and unless it is cast aside, and then, and Only then you need to turn it over to God for his is the Final word.  He has just now shown me the words to conclude today's blogg with a section from St. Matthew 7:20...

"Wherefore by thier fruits ye shall know them"

Much Love and many Prayers