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25 January 2012

Wear Your (Purple) Heart on Your Sleeve

wear one's heart on one's sleeve and have one's heart on one's sleeve
Fig. to display one's feelings openly and habitually, rather than keep them private.
                                                                ~the Free Dictionary 
"...to remind me of letting go of feeling separate from others and all forms of life expressing itself in this time and place that I find myself."

Done in #11 beads this pendant is 3" X 2"

I am compiling this post today in dedication to the Purple Heart Recipients.  It seems to me that most older War Veterans will not and do not acknowledge their service in public.  In this day and age of understanding and acceptance we strive to Acknowledge the Vietnam Veteran, who has Hidden themselves for Many Many years.  NOW we have Boys coming home, excuse me... Young Men and Women Returning to their homeland with War Wounds again.  We Acknowledge them so much better than we did back then, and this is GOOD! 
Please know, that when we do see you in the Grocery or out in Public, and when you are displaying your veteran status in some way... That we Will say,
"Thank You and Welcome Home"
and that you should Proudly Display that Cap, Sticker, Key Chain, T-shirt, or whatever it may be that displays your Veteran Status and/or your Military Affiliation.  Please note that the Purple Heart Badge "For Military Merit" should be included in that display if you have been awarded that.  Let us know, so that we may Recognize you and Thank you properly. 
That being said, I am posting some information on the Purple Heart Award.  Many people may not truly understand what it is.  Included are sections from the military historical site and you can read more here:

A purple heart within a gold border, 1 3/8 inches wide, containing a profile of General George Washington. Above the heart appears a shield of the Washington Coat of Arms (a white shield with two red bars and three red stars in chief) between sprays of green leaves. The reverse consists of a raised bronze heart with the words “FOR MILITARY MERIT” below the coat of arms and leaves.

The original Purple Heart, designated as the Badge of Military Merit, was established by General George Washington by order from his headquarters at Newburgh, New York, August 7, 1782. The writings of General Washington quoted in part:
“The General ever desirous to cherish a virtuous ambition in his soldiers, as well as to foster and encourage every species of Military Merit, directs that whenever any singularly meritorious action is performed, the author of it shall be permitted to wear on his facings over the left breast, the figure of a heart in purple cloth or silk, edged with narrow lace or binding. Not only instances of unusual gallantry, but also of extraordinary fidelity and essential service in any way shall meet with a due reward".

During the early period of World War II (7 Dec 41 to 22 Sep 43), the Purple Heart was awarded both for wounds received in action against the enemy and for meritorious performance of duty. With the establishment of the Legion of Merit, by an Act of Congress, the practice of awarding the Purple Heart for meritorious service was discontinued. By Executive Order 9277, dated 3 December 1942, the decoration was extended to be applicable to all services and the order required that regulations of the Services be uniform in application as far as practicable. This executive order also authorized award only for wounds received.

Executive Order 11016, dated 25 April 1962, included provisions for posthumous award of the Purple Heart. Executive Order 12464, dated 23 February 1984, authorized award of the Purple Heart as a result of terrorist attacks or while serving as part of a peacekeeping force subsequent to 28 March 1973.

This brings me to the main point of Today's post... I am making this New bead pattern that I developed, available for anyone to make for the Veterans.  Please DO NOT Sell or distribute this Pattern and give credit where credit is due.  It can be done as a medallion/pendat as I did in prototye, or made as an amulet pouch, or as a patch to use on a shirt, jacket or cap.  I am sure the experienced beader will know what to do with it ;) Enjoy! 
This pattern was Developed in Honor of Sgt David Wilkinson who contacted me about my military combat ribbon beadwork and asked about adding in something for the Purple Heart. It can be done in Brick, Peyote, or Comanche style stitches. You should be able to right click on the picture and save.

Much Love and many Prayers

20 January 2012

Lazy Stitch on Buckskin Medicine Pouch

I am posting a Wonderful Instructional Video from a Young Lady, Kristen.  She has a Blogg and You Tube Tutorials for beading and other Native American Techniques.  This particular one has a very good view of doing Lazy Stitch on Buckskin.  Also, it shows about making a leather medicine pouch, it is long but Very Well Done.  Thank you very much Kristen!  You can visit her beadwork blogg here: http://sallysbeadwork.blogspot.com/

18 January 2012


Re-Posting to Help Spread the work... Knowledge is POWER!
Please go sign the Google petition if you haven't already. Contact your representatives, which you can do easily from Wikipedia.

Check out the SOPA Strike page.

The vague language in the bills is unconstitutional, and I have no doubt if they pass, the Supreme Court will strike them down. They have plenty of precedent. But in the meantime, the fact they've gotten as far as they have is a threat to the freedom of speech that's guaranteed in our Bill of Rights, it's a threat to the open sharing of ideas, and it's a direct threat to crafters. All someone has to do is accuse you of stealing one of their ideas and the burden of proof is on you to prove you didn't. This does effect almost everyone of us personally.

17 January 2012

Message from the Angels

My Dear friend Cree sends me these emails.  They are Always uplifting and teaching.  This one especially  has touched me and I would like to share it with all of you.  This has really spoken volumes to me and i hope you enjoy it as well.
Much Love and many prayers

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

In this year of 2012, more than ever before, it is important to live your life from the inside out. As human beings you have been taught to handle the external affairs of your life first, and yet we would urge you each day, to sit and handle your internal state of affairs. Are you at peace? If not spend time in prayer, contemplation, or sitting on a patio and listening to the birds singing. Exercise, take a little walk, or breathe deeply. Peace is available at all times, whether your circumstances are peaceful or not.

It is not money in the bank, perfect relationships, perfect health or perfect circumstances that "give" you peace, dear ones. Rather you "find" peace more easily inside of yourselves when life is easier around you. Nonetheless, true, deep, and lasting peace comes from knowing that you are an eternal soul, that you will exist beyond death, that your life is an exercise in learning to love and that if you focus on being loving to self and others, then all your needs will be met, and all your hearts true desires brought to you in proper time.  Can you trust this dear ones? If not yet, pray. Ask God to help you find the peace that surpasses all understanding. Ask to feel the love of God in your lives. If you feel but a tiny percentage of the love God has for you nothing would shake you from a place of internal peace. And in this reality, you will to attract circumstances that are by their very nature, reflecting that peace back unto you.

True joy is also found on the inside. And yet so many human beings are happy only when they get their way. Why put off your joy when you can find it anywhere, at any time.  Truly it is easier to draw forth your natural joy when surrounded by easy circumstances, loving people, and all that you could ask for. But can you call forth love and joy while holding the hand of a dying parent, celebrating their life and their imminent return into a glorious reality? Can you share joy with another even when you have experienced deep loss, knowing that as surely as you have let go of so much, God can refill your life with blessings of even greater magnitude? Can you allow yourself to take in the breathtaking beauty of a sunset even when you do not yet know how your debts will be paid, how your child will be healed, how your heart can find a career that honors your spirit? Can you share a bit of joy with another even when you do not yet feel your life" gives" you joy so easily? For when you seek out joy, you are uncovering hidden treasures. When you draw forth the love within you and share it with another, you are allowing God to work through you, and dear ones, there is no greater joy than feeling the love of God flow to you, and through you to enliven and lighten the heart of another.

If you want your lives to work, bring forth the qualities you want from within rather than seeking them first in external solutions. If you want more money, draw forth an attitude of prosperity and gratitude. If you want more peace, pray and spend time in silence, or amidst beauty and ask it to rise up within you. If you want more love, be love.

You dear friends, have all you seek inside of you. Call it forth in this year of 2012 and live your life from the inside out. You can live God's way or you can continue to strive to live man's way, always seeking superficial solutions to your problems, and constantly finding you are chasing a moving target when it comes to love, joy, peace, and harmony in your lives. Our words are strong, dear friends, because the energy is strong upon your planet. Our words are loving because we know you are capable of truly bringing forth these beautiful qualities from within, thereby changing not only your internal state of affairs, but also, eventually drawing absolute miracles and wonders into your life.

God bless you! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

05 January 2012

Behind the Outback... Flashback 10 Aug 2008

Thi is a re-posting of an old blog entry from my Multiply site 10 August 2008:

Awakened from a quiet slumber at midnight....

By our spitz (Little Wolf) to her trademark AWOOOOOO *bark* *bark* *bark* then I hear a mans voice outside the camper door and say to myself '"What the..??!!"

Then all of a sudden ***BANG BANG BANG*** (and of course more barking, with big brother backing her up this time.) And the mans voice again louder and directed at us, "Come out Please and Hurry!!!!"

As we exited the camper, we see the woods ablaze right behind us. The, now recognized, Ranger asked if we had a hose urgently. My husband, immediately going into firefighter mode from days gone by, ran around the other side to get the already charged hose. Bare footed on the gravel and seriously spraining his ankle along the way, he knocked the fire down in minutes. The Ranger awoke the campers next door to have them also get a hose and a rake to overhaul the 2 foot deep leaves in the woods that had been burning just minutes before. They flooded the area for about an hour to make sure the thick flammable floor would not spark up again. It must have been a stray spark from a campfire that had festered into such a scare, they had determined. And many Thanks to a camper across the street who had initially called the Ranger, noticing that the fire had no attendant and was growing larger. Dudley, the Ranger, was also Thankful that we responded with a proactive recall of the duties that had come so natural to us many years ago.

And so I close, with those ultimately famous words, from the ever so popular Bear:

"Only YOU, can prevent forest fires!"

If you would like to see more of our adventures from years past visit our Multiply Journal here: http://spiderwrulf.multiply.com/journal