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05 January 2012

Behind the Outback... Flashback 10 Aug 2008

Thi is a re-posting of an old blog entry from my Multiply site 10 August 2008:

Awakened from a quiet slumber at midnight....

By our spitz (Little Wolf) to her trademark AWOOOOOO *bark* *bark* *bark* then I hear a mans voice outside the camper door and say to myself '"What the..??!!"

Then all of a sudden ***BANG BANG BANG*** (and of course more barking, with big brother backing her up this time.) And the mans voice again louder and directed at us, "Come out Please and Hurry!!!!"

As we exited the camper, we see the woods ablaze right behind us. The, now recognized, Ranger asked if we had a hose urgently. My husband, immediately going into firefighter mode from days gone by, ran around the other side to get the already charged hose. Bare footed on the gravel and seriously spraining his ankle along the way, he knocked the fire down in minutes. The Ranger awoke the campers next door to have them also get a hose and a rake to overhaul the 2 foot deep leaves in the woods that had been burning just minutes before. They flooded the area for about an hour to make sure the thick flammable floor would not spark up again. It must have been a stray spark from a campfire that had festered into such a scare, they had determined. And many Thanks to a camper across the street who had initially called the Ranger, noticing that the fire had no attendant and was growing larger. Dudley, the Ranger, was also Thankful that we responded with a proactive recall of the duties that had come so natural to us many years ago.

And so I close, with those ultimately famous words, from the ever so popular Bear:

"Only YOU, can prevent forest fires!"

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