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25 February 2012

Sterling Silver Closeout

Sterling Silver Closeout

LOW Silver prices on Leftover
Charms, Earrings, Pendants, Chains, and Bracelets

I have several .925 Solid Sterling Silver items leftover from the shop that I am going to Discontinue. In Fact, My vendor has Long since discontinued many of these particular charms and pendants. Get in on the Great Deals while they last, many items are One and Done! I have started listing the items on eBay :
Auctions starting at cost and Buy it Now is well below Retail.  Check back, as I will continue to list these items all weekend.  Some items may need to be shined back up with a cloth due to sitting in the case for a while. ALL the charms come with a Solid Sterling Silver Split Ring for easy and secure attachment; this makes the sale an even Better Deal! I will do my best to accurately measure the items with my caliper in mm. I will not have weights available. I assure you these are Top Quality pieces as I have sold many over the 10 years I have been in business.
No Skimping on shipping: padded Bubble Mailer USPS First Class with Delivery Confirmation is included in the Shipping & Handling fee!
***Every eBay Purchase will receive a coupon for FREE Shipping in my Artfire Shop!

Dolphin Earrings Solid .925 Sterling Silver 
Post Earrings ~ 10mm
Frog Earrings Solid .925 Sterling Silver 
Post Earrings ~ 9mm
Gecko Earrings Solid .925 Sterling Silver 
Post Earrings ~ 12mm
Alligator Earrings Solid .925 Sterling Silver Gator
Post Earrings ~ 12mm, Basking with mouth Open
7” Rolo Chain Bracelet Solid .925 Sterling Silver 
Bracelet ~ 5 mm, 7 inch, Italian Chain
7” Double Charm Link Chain Bracelet Solid .925 Sterling Silver 
Bracelet ~ 5 mm, 7 inch with Lobster Clasp, Italian Chain
7” Anchor Chain Bracelet Solid .925 Sterling Silver (100)
Bracelet ~ 4 mm, 7 inch with Lobster Clasp, Italian Chain
9” Rope Chain Bracelet Solid .925 Sterling Silver 
Bracelet/Anklet ~ 2 mm, 9 inch with Lobster Clasp
8” Rolo Chain Bracelet Solid .925 Sterling Silver (060)
Bracelet/Anklet ~ 3 mm, 8inch, Italian Chain
18” Snake Chain Necklace Solid .925 Sterling Silver 
Necklace ~ 2 mm, with Lobster Clasp, Italian Chain
18” Anchor Chain Necklace Solid .925 Sterling Silver (100)
Necklace ~ 4 mm, with Lobster Clasp, Italian Chain
20” Box Chain Necklace Solid .925 Sterling Silver 
Necklace ~ 1 mm Italian Chain
20” Anchor Chain Necklace Solid .925 Sterling Silver (100)
Necklace ~ 4 mm, with Lobster Clasp, Italian Chain
30” Rope Chain Necklace Solid .925 Sterling Silver 
Necklace ~ 2 mm, with Lobster Clasp
30” Flat Chain Necklace Solid .925 Sterling Silver 
Necklace ~ 3 mm, Italian Chain

19 February 2012

Bead-U-t-full Weekend

Another Bead-U-t-full weekend!  I found a couple really cool Butterfly patterns from Betty J Hauser.  There are several Free Patterns some of which are Patriotic on her page here:

These are 2 inches wide by about 1 inch high, they can be made into Pins, Earrings, Barrettes, or just sewn onto clothing like patches. 
I have had a couple sales in the NEW Pattern shop on Craftsy, you can follow the link from the banner on the right side of the blog page here if you haven't checked it out yet.  The Free Military patterns are going like hotcakes as well in there.

I was invited to and have joined a Guild, the "Artfire Beadweaver's Guild".  I am excited about participating there, always Love to learn new things, meet new people, and share Wonderful beadwork.  If you want to join this guild on Artfire, click on the ABG logo on the right side of the page.  I have comprised a Great Collection of Beadwork from Artisans in the Guild.  I explain this collection as: The Colors from the Six Directions... I have Always used Opaque Traditional colors in my beadwork, but I am now starting to dabble in the many colors of Delica! 

I had fun with this gif generator from an app for the Chrome Browser. 

I hope everyone has a Wonderful 3 Day weekend, as for me its....
                                                                                                                                                                     .............Back to Beading!

12 February 2012

Military Combat Ribbon Peyote Tube Beads

I have developed patterns for several Military Combat Ribbons, using Peyote Stitch you can make Tube Beads for use in Chokers, Necklaces, Bracelets and the like.  I have also found a new site that has a Lot of Tutorials and patterns for different Craft Techniques.  It is called Craftsy.com and I have a Pattern shop on there which you can find at this link:

 I have made these Military Tube beads available in my pattern shop in a Free PDF file, there are 8 patterns including: Vietnam Veteran, Korean Veteran, Desert Storm/Saudi Veteran, Iraq Veteran, Afghanistan Veteran, Purple Heart Award, National Defense Service Ribbon, and Stars & Stripes Forever.  The file consists of a Labeled Pattern and Bead Chart for the Delica #11 Colors and amount of beads for each pattern.  You will need to know Basic Peyote Stitch and how to 'Zip' the bead, but Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems with any of it.  There are several other Brick Stitch Earring patterns I have there from doodles I designed. 
Skellyton Fringed Earrings

I have been getting a Lot of beading done and I am starting to get caught up on my special orders.  Pow Wow season is right around the corner and I have been getting updates for the pow wow page from all over NDN country, So be sure to Check out the Pow wow Calendar tab at the top.  If you have a Pow wow coming up, or know of one that is not listed be sure to contact us to get  it listed... FREE Advertising!

Also, if you would like to be considered for the Pow wow AD page here on the blog please contact us.  I will be updating that with a few more Sponsored events very shortly.  Again, Nothing Beats FREE Advertising, and I am Glad to help out!  Enjoy the Mild Winter, looks like we are having a few days of Actual winter here in the "Deep South", so I am going to make another cup of Hot Tea. 
Much Love and Many Prayers

07 February 2012

Update on the Alibaba Theft Issue

***UPDATE 15 FRB 2012:
**I got an email this morning from another REP; Apparently we do NOT have to sign up for the website to file a complaint, here is a direct link to report the issue and resolve quicker:
  In order to help us investigate and take further action, please file your case on our  Aliprotect platform.  Below is the link:
        I would like to reinstate that you do not need to register as an  Alibaba member  in order to file the claim on AliProtect.  Furthermore, I would  like to        advise you that please file on AliProtect if you find any more questionable Alibaba vendors in the future.  We would also appreciate if you can pass the link of AliProtect to your  fellow artisans  if they find any Alibaba vendors misuse the product photos.   That will help them speed up the filing process. 
Please feel free to contact me at 408-748-1200 ext. 205 or email  at        wendywong@alibaba-inc.com if you need further assistance.

I am reposting what I blogged in my Artfire shop this morning:

Chinese Stolen From Me Category explanation

Artfire Shop Blogg 7 February 2012


I have found that many Chinese mass production vendors, selling on Alibaba.com, have been stealing small American Artisans photos from their craft shops (mainly on Etsy.com and Artfire.com).  The Vendors then use the illegal photo to make a listing of their own to sell in bulk.  This usually ends up in a Bait & Switch or full out scam. The forums on alibaba.com are full of these complaints, as this has been going on for some time.  I am trying to raise awareness for this subject by contacting the artisans that I find have been stolen from. You have to sign up for the site in order to make a formal complaint, but I am assuring these artisans that it is in their best interest to do so.  Below is a screen shot of one of four of MY item with MY picture.  You can view my item in the Category "Chinese Stolen from Me"

 I have formed a Facebook page about this subject for people to post their issues and find more information about what to do.  You can find this page by searching FB for "Alibaba.com Contributes to Theft  of Artisans"  

I had to sign up for the Alibaba website in order to file a proper complaint, which I did and I encourage anyone else who finds their product Stolen to do the same.  When you fill out a proper Complaint through the site, you have to upload Your Picture in question.  The Vendor that has my items also has items from about 6 other  Artisans that I have found so far.  I contacted all the ones I have found and I will continue to contact people and alert them to the Thefts as I find them. 

I was told by a woman who had a similar theft some time ago "There is Nothing we can do"....  Well, I am American and I think their ISsomething we can do... Shout from the rooftops what is going on here and make people aware of it.  Alibaba takes the stand that"challenges to fully screen each new posting remain" (Rebecca Liu) and that "We rely on product owners like yourself to report any suspicious cases to us." FINE!  I am dedicating part of MY valuable time each morning to scan Alibaba for OUR handmade items that we work so hard on, so that we do not look like Chinese Junk re-sellers.  

 She goes on to say, "our copyright infringement policies are similar to other e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon"  I wonder what eBay and Amazon think of this statement?  Today is the Third Business day that I was told to allow for the process.  In the meantime, I have been Educating people about what is going on, Finding more thefts, and alerting OUR Artisans on what to do.  

This woman Rebecca contacted me after seeing my posts on Etsy (thats right E-peeps you CAN say the E word on Artfire:) She has been very nice and seems concerned to help me with my issue.  This morning I found a copyright statement in my email to fill out information about my Thefts.  So with my Artfire records and Flickr photo records I was able to give them the approximate dates  that the pictures were created and when they were listed in my shop.  

At this point MY items are still listed in this Chinese Vendors shop and I am in a holding pattern.  I will continue to update my cause, Alert Artisans, and Scan for Thefts.  PLEASE if you items have been Stolen, take the time to file a complaint and follow through with it until it is finished.... This saying has been in the footer of my shop and in my signature for email for quite some time and I stand by it:

 "On the plains of hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of victory, sat down to wait, and waiting--died!" 

**UPDATE 8 FEB 2012:
I had alerted yet another Artisan last night about their items in MY vendors shop, and they contacted the vendor directly and got their items immediately removed and I got the email below this morning, the Stolen Items are gone. 
It is a Victory! HOWEVER... We must continue to be Vigilant with these people... Keep checking for Your items and Complain when you see them, pass this information along to other Artisans AND our Customers. Knowledge is POWER!
This is Alibaba.com Customer Satisfaction Center.
This email refers to your complaint against 【Yiwu Anlai Import & Export Co., Ltd.】regarding product picture infringement. Please kindly be advised that the product 【xxxxxxxxx】 of 【Yiwu Anlai Import & Export Co., Ltd.】 will be removed in 24 hours. If you have found any other members who are using your pictures without your consent, please kindly report to us by clicking "Report Suspicious Activity" in the product listing page.
Alibaba.com International Customer Services

04 February 2012

Mother's Day Pow wow ~ Canton, GA

The annual Mother's Day Pow wow coming up soon here in Georgia is in it's 23rd year.  The promoter, Chipa Wolfe, has sent this Article about it.  I would like to share it with everyone, and invite you to come down and see what goes on here. 

23rd Annual Cherokee Indian Festival &
Mother's Day PowWow
May 12 & 13th, 2012


Mother’s Day the Native Way
By: Chipa Wolfe   

Mother’s Day celebrations have been around since mothers first appeared as even the Bible recognizes Eve in bestowing her with the title “Mother of All the Living”.  Hindu scripture credits the Great Mother, Kali Ma, with the invention of writing through alphabets, pictographs and beautiful sacred images.  Ancient Egyptians believed that Bast was the mother of all cats on Earth, and that cats were sacred animals. 

During the 1600’s, England celebrated a day called “Mothering Sunday”, which was a time in which many of the servants that lived with their employers were encouraged to return home to Honor their Mother.  It was customary to return home with a special cake to celebrate the occasion.  Mothering Sunday is a Christian celebration that is actually celebrated throughout Europe even though this date has been traditionally called “Mothering Sunday” it is slowly but surely adhering to the universal call name of, “Mother’s Day”.  In Spain the holiday is directed toward a more religious concept as it is dedicated through love and affection to Mother Mary.

In the early 1900’s a woman named Anna Marie Jarvis went on a letter writing campaign to have a day dedicated to honor our mothers here in the United States. The passing of her own mother fueled her passion, as she wanted to assure a day of observance in which all mothers would be remembered.  She asked that white carnations be the official Mother’s Day symbol.  President Woodrow Wilson signed the executive order that proclaimed Mother’s Day a National Holiday.

Native people of the world have always celebrated Mother’s Day in one form or another as they recognize the gift of gender, which supports all Life.  Women have been recognized as being all-powerful by even the mightiest of warrior as they have a systematic cycle of biological balance and necessity.  American Indian women have been known to be the “Nation’s Life Source” as they are the significant tribe spinsters of the human web in which we are attached.
Children are nurtured into adulthood through the guidance of the Mother as well as uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, and fathers.  The mother is the safe guard to a child’s well being and her many stories are delivered in a manner that teaches them a lifetime of do’s and don’ts.  Mother Goose is a good example of such stories as is Peter Rabbit, etc. and where they may not be of American Indian origin, think about the adoptive song “Rock a Bye Baby” as the wind blows in the treetops.  It was the cradleboard with baby that swayed from the branch while mother lent herself to daily chores while chanting a favored song.

Native America has been misconstrued by many to being pagan-istic because of their conceptual ideas regarding their relationship with the Creator (God) and his works.  For years, many people thought American Indians were praying to a host of many Gods simply because they would subscribe to his works with titles.  A native person may lend to a tree as his sister, a bear or horse as his brother, the sky as his father, and the Earth as his Mother.  Finally, after many, many years, we are hearing others addressing the world we live on as Mother Earth.  One Creator, much creation!  The plants are referred to as sisters, the animals are brothers, and so forth.
Today, Christians and others are using the endearing name Mother Earth to create an alliance with one of God’s greatest gifts, Earth.  My wife is a Lakota Indian from South Dakota and in the Lakota language they have a beautiful saying, ”MitaKuye Oyasin” which simply means, “We are all related”.  Those are just words but if you put these words to work, we find ourselves not serving false idols or gods but rather, lending reverence and respect to the Mother of life via the Father of life.

Every Mother’s Day weekend in Canton, Georgia we host our Cherokee County Indian Festival and Mother’s Day PowWow on the Etowah River.  Where we pay tribute to the Earth’s bountiful and forever giving necessities of life, we are all about saying thanks to Mom by recognizing them in our main arena through dance and song.  Among the Cherokee people, the women are held to the highest of esteem as they were the ones that would not only breathe life into the tribes but also recognized for their rational mindset and heart.  It was the “Beloved Woman” that would let the men know when they were to go into war.  It was the woman that decided the fate of a captive.  These were high positions of honor and to this day the Cherokee have a Beloved Woman within their tribe as a manner of respect and tradition in which they can consult upon.  
The Mother’s Day Pow Wow in Canton, Georgia has become one of the largest and most acclaimed cultural gatherings on the east coast and Native American artists, dancers, singers, and drummers travel from across the country and as far away as Canada and Mexico to participate in dance competitions, trade and commerce.  The event may attract American Indian people from across the country but it is actually produced for the general public, as our goal is cultural exchange through fellowship, feast and fun.  The PowWow is a two-day festival in which we represent a multi-tribal element of arts, crafts, foods, dance and entertainment while tricking everyone into an educational arena. 

This event is in its twenty third year and is known for being the Renaissance Festival version of “Dances With Wolves” while maintaining the reverence and respect of those we represent.  There are other semi-similar events out there but we are proud to have the best of the best in the southeast when it comes to authenticity, audience appeal and audience participation.  Our showcase is Vegas quality and for an outdoor festival we deliver a broad spectrum of acts such as, Ray Pena, Raptor Man, who flies the world’s fastest bird through the hair of the unsuspecting audience.  Ray’s birds of prey show hosts numerous self-propelled free flight birds that make for great pictures and even greater memories.  Warriors on Horseback battle it out in a mock reenactment that is derived from a traditional warriors song called the Sneak-up. Everyone loves the Aztec Dance Company as they fill up the dance arena with high energy and lots of laughter as the viewing guests becomes participants. Competitors dance for cash & prizes in numerous dance categories and styles such as Men’s Traditional, Women’s Jingle, Grass Dance, and the fast and flashy high energy Fancy Dancers.  Watch as our Native Specialty act transforms himself into numerous life forms while performing the elaborate and mystical Hoop Dance.  Walk through a real Indian tipi (teepee) village and check out an authentic woodlands Wigwam.  Meet Thunder a 2,000 pound 100% bull buffalo (Bison). Watch as I attempt to ride this friendly monster and then rest his huge head in my lap.  Thunder has been on the Wolfe farm since he was five days old and he will be twenty one years old this July 17th.  Thunder serves as an ambassador for the Yellowstone Herd in Wyoming where the last herd of genetically pure wild buffaloes roam. You can learn more about these majestic animals at: www.buffalofieldscampaign.com     “The truth is, this herd belongs to you”.
Our market place allows for guests to browse and shop some very unique and interesting booths that are adorned with lots of handcraft and a bit of fine art by such artist as David Behrens, Lola Rios, and Mark Barfoot.  Leather, bones, pottery, beads, jewelry, canvas, stained glass, herbs, soaps & scents, clothes and more.  While walking the river walk and viewing the many sights you will savor the smells of Native cuisine at its best such as, gator tail, roasted corn, Indian fry bread, Pima wraps, shrimp wraps, and sadly enough, buffalo but not Thunder.

We all know that what makes a Mom special, it is their ability to be Moms and with that we have to recognize the kids, as no engine, no caboose = no Papoose.  We do have kids activities such as pony rides, bungee jumps, etc. but they are often intrigued as are their fathers by our primitive skills demonstrators such as hide tanning, flint napping (arrowhead makers), fire by friction, and archery teachers.  Where we do adhere to the common sense delivery of social consciousness opposed to the rigid silliness that being political corrective often imposes, we are about having a good time therefore asking everyone to loosen up and get festive on us.

So, with that said, know this- for the most part, we call each other Indian, Native American, American Indian, First Nations, etc., along with one another’s inherent name.  We are prideful in our attempt to deliver you an intertribal event that promotes the integrity of a diverse group of proud people.  In the end, we are a collective work of not only Native Americans but, Americans as a whole.  When you come out to be a part of the Mother’s Day weekend PowWow we hope you are open to having a great time and in the midst of the day you are compelled to call us brother, friend, and/or simply say hello.  Sometimes its not important that we remember what things mean in another’s language so much as it is that we remember what it means in our own. MitaKuye Oyasin or “We are all related” for somewhere down the road, however far we all come from the same mother.

P.S. Bring your camera and don’t forget Mom…