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19 February 2012

Bead-U-t-full Weekend

Another Bead-U-t-full weekend!  I found a couple really cool Butterfly patterns from Betty J Hauser.  There are several Free Patterns some of which are Patriotic on her page here:

These are 2 inches wide by about 1 inch high, they can be made into Pins, Earrings, Barrettes, or just sewn onto clothing like patches. 
I have had a couple sales in the NEW Pattern shop on Craftsy, you can follow the link from the banner on the right side of the blog page here if you haven't checked it out yet.  The Free Military patterns are going like hotcakes as well in there.

I was invited to and have joined a Guild, the "Artfire Beadweaver's Guild".  I am excited about participating there, always Love to learn new things, meet new people, and share Wonderful beadwork.  If you want to join this guild on Artfire, click on the ABG logo on the right side of the page.  I have comprised a Great Collection of Beadwork from Artisans in the Guild.  I explain this collection as: The Colors from the Six Directions... I have Always used Opaque Traditional colors in my beadwork, but I am now starting to dabble in the many colors of Delica! 

I had fun with this gif generator from an app for the Chrome Browser. 

I hope everyone has a Wonderful 3 Day weekend, as for me its....
                                                                                                                                                                     .............Back to Beading!