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12 February 2012

Military Combat Ribbon Peyote Tube Beads

I have developed patterns for several Military Combat Ribbons, using Peyote Stitch you can make Tube Beads for use in Chokers, Necklaces, Bracelets and the like.  I have also found a new site that has a Lot of Tutorials and patterns for different Craft Techniques.  It is called Craftsy.com and I have a Pattern shop on there which you can find at this link:

 I have made these Military Tube beads available in my pattern shop in a Free PDF file, there are 8 patterns including: Vietnam Veteran, Korean Veteran, Desert Storm/Saudi Veteran, Iraq Veteran, Afghanistan Veteran, Purple Heart Award, National Defense Service Ribbon, and Stars & Stripes Forever.  The file consists of a Labeled Pattern and Bead Chart for the Delica #11 Colors and amount of beads for each pattern.  You will need to know Basic Peyote Stitch and how to 'Zip' the bead, but Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems with any of it.  There are several other Brick Stitch Earring patterns I have there from doodles I designed. 
Skellyton Fringed Earrings

I have been getting a Lot of beading done and I am starting to get caught up on my special orders.  Pow Wow season is right around the corner and I have been getting updates for the pow wow page from all over NDN country, So be sure to Check out the Pow wow Calendar tab at the top.  If you have a Pow wow coming up, or know of one that is not listed be sure to contact us to get  it listed... FREE Advertising!

Also, if you would like to be considered for the Pow wow AD page here on the blog please contact us.  I will be updating that with a few more Sponsored events very shortly.  Again, Nothing Beats FREE Advertising, and I am Glad to help out!  Enjoy the Mild Winter, looks like we are having a few days of Actual winter here in the "Deep South", so I am going to make another cup of Hot Tea. 
Much Love and Many Prayers