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13 April 2012

Happy Friday the 13th ~ Goodbye Q

I have not blogged in a while, there has been many happenings since the last.  One of which is that I was involved in an auto accident and lost my dear friend the Q.  I have Always had special attachments to the vehicles in my life.  My high school chums may remember Daccus, the Big dark blue '76 Impala Station wagon I drove around like my personal Hearse.  Or perhaps years later, my friends in NJ may recall the rust orange color '75 two door Impala, Damian, roaring down the Pike in Front of the Snow Plows that day they shut down Atlantic City.  I know Lumpy won't forget that car, I beat out his precious '88 Monte Carlo SS draggin from a stoplight.  Anyways, I have officially Laid to Rest yet another Great Vehicle the Q, my 2001 Black Pontiac Aztek. 

You may wonder, why Q?  What does that mean?  Well, this vehicle when it first came out, was very much like the VW "Thing" when it came out.  My dear friend Julie reminds me of how, we would be driving around in this new strange looking vehicle and people would be staring at it.  They would ask, "What IS it?"  My answer was always, "Q" or Why it's the Q, of course!"  As it's  Ancient and Mysterious Tribal Name infers, it was Totally Unique and... Dare I say, Omnipotent!  Therefore short for Quetzalcoatl or the Very Unique Sentient Being that Plagued the Enterprise... The Q was born!

Friday the 13th has also had a Special Place in my life and a Good friend and Trapper that I had known, had given me a "Good Luck Charm" to carry around with me.  I have had this for upwards of 25 years or so, and each Friday the 13th it comes out of it's special place of honor, in a small wooden cigar box, and travels around in my pocket with me all day.  Not that I think I need a Charm to carry around, but He obviously thought I did, LOL, as I had always told people that is was a good day for me.  So I swore to carry it on Friday the 13th, and being a Woman of my Word, I pulled out the wooden box this morning.

To reveal an old Purple drawstring bag protected by another Treasure, gifted to me by an Old Biker and ex-Wolf Scout.  As I say, I thought these precariously placed days filled with Superstition were very special and, back then, Swore that if I were to marry, it would be on Friday the 13th. 
Which reminds me of a funny story relating to the only Other Car accident I have been involved in.  Many years before I met my husband there were many Gentleman callers, one of which I would meet in an older bar in Absecon, NJ called Muskett's Tavern.  Apparently one night while over-celebrating the days hard work schedule there, I had promised to Marry him on the very next available Friday the 13th and that we would meet at the Tavern and have the Mayor marry us.  I was young and really inspired by material things, like the fact that he had a fully restored Hearse that pulled a trailer which had a working Hot Tub!   Anyways, the next Friday the 13th came and went, I had not remembered my promise to meet him there, and really hadn't seen him again for some time.  Now, a couple years later Ken and I had been driving home from Brigantine Island after having dinner with my Nan.  I was holding a container of leftover spaghetti gravey (that is what the Elders call it)  Now Nan was from the Depression Era, so this wasn't some fancy store bought Tupperware container, Nope it was a cleaned out re-used Cool Whip Container... Nan was THE Very First Recycler! I am sure of it, I won't go into the washing and drying of tin foil and plastic ziploc bags.  Anyways, the Snow was really piling up that evening we drove back into Absecon on the pike, coming around the bend just about to our right hand turn and the Truck started to slide.  Well, to make a long story Longer... Ken was able to steer this little squirrelly S-10 pickup sideways so we didn't get hit Head on by the '70's model Dodge Ramcharger.  The Gravey went Everywhere and an off duty cop that came to check us after we came to rest, was Freaking out and calling an ambulance because he thought that it was Blood all over the inside of the pickup.  We were fine, I got the wind knocked out of me because I tensed up with my feet against the floorboard.  So I couldn't answer when they were asking if I was OK.  We can all have a Good Laugh at this NOW!  LOL ~ Ironically, the guy that hit us, was the guy I was suppose to Marry at the Muskett's Tavern years before on Friday the 13th! 

Back to the Purple drawstring bag.  It was a Muskrat foot that the old Trapper had given me.  Don't know why, or what it meant to him, but I have Kept it sacred, all these years.  And on those precariously placed days filled with Superstition, out it comes to travel around with me.  And on this my 5 year anniversary of Quitting smoking cigarettes, again I bring it out and introduce it to the world in my blog. 

I hope that this little personal insight into me has not scared any of you away.  We are all a little Weird in our own ways, and this is one minuscule way of mine :)  Thank you all for your Patience and following the ramblings of one insignificant Being on this planet.  Please stay tuned for my next Giveaway, I am reaching the 400 mark on the Facebook shop page and will be giving away a pair of handmade earrings to one lucky Follower!