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18 April 2012

Military Branch Peyote Bead Patterns Published for Sale

I have officially hit 400 Fans (Likes) on the Facebook shop page!  I have a few things planed to celebrate.  I promised a Giveaway, so that will be coming up soon.  I will post pictures of a few pairs of earrings here and the people can decide which ones should be the Newest Giveaway! 
#1 Delica Beaded Purple Hair Witches
I have finished Compiling the PDF Files for the Military Logo patterns.  Over the years I have had many people ask to purchase them.  Well, Now they are Ready and listed in the supplies shop.  Look in the "Patternz" category and you will see Bead Patterns for US Air Force, US Army, US Coast Guard, US Navy, and US Marine Corps Logo's, that I have used on the Fringed Keychains.  There is also a listing for All 5 Branches together that has a special FREE Gift: 8 patterns to make peyote tube beads of Military Combat Medals, Awards, and a Stars and Stripes American Flag design. 
#2 Beige Tipi w/Loop Fringe

I am hoping to generate a little extra cash with the release of the patterns.  It has been a little tight recently with the car being gone.  Ok, enough of my pitty-potty... The Real Special is that I have developed a "Limited" Coupon Code for 20% off ALL patternz Just enter: QUETZALCOATL2001-2012 at Checkout for the discount to be applied.  This coupon Code is One per purchase and "Limited" to only 27 uses total!  So get your Discounted Military Logo Bead Pattern Today!
#3 Blue Diamonds Fringed

I have a Poll up for everyone to vote on which of the earrings pictured on this post, that they want for the giveaway.  You can vote in the poll here: http://sixdirectionstraders.com/poll.html
#4 Arrow Fringed
I will run the poll through Sunday 22 April 2012, then tally it and Start the Giveaway Next week! So Stay Tuned, Follow Us, Share Us, and be sure to Vote.  Follow us on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/SixDirectionsTraders