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30 May 2012

Back from the Mountains, I So needed this!

We just got back from the Pow wow in Mt Airy, NC (aka... Mayberry RFD) The famous Siamese Twins Eng & Chang Bunker settled in nearby Traphill, NC and that museum is also in Mt Airy.  Very Interesting and Beautiful Area, I needed this Get-Away VERY Badly.  The Pow wow was Simply Wonderful!! A Great Spirit Filled Event for All who Attended!!  The Locals were very receptive and it looks as if we may be back to do it again next year. 

It was a Complete Re-Charge for me to Hug and visit with all the family and New Friends on the Trail.  I get so Energized after an event like this and Look forward to the next one.  I have a Lot of Special orders and online shop purchases to fulfill already. 

Tropical Storm Beryl was hitting the FL/GA area when we were suppose to return, so we stayed in the mountains a couple more days.  I didn't mind that one bit. 

The next up Pow wows are in July at Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, NC and Southwest Community College in Cedar Bluff, VA.  So we need to finish up our work here in Georgia, still have to get the 'new' Q worked on to be road ready and able to tow the Cargo trailer. 

Be sure to visit our You Tube Channel to see the Videos from the pow wow, and our Flickr Photo Albums as well for all the pictures taken at this pow wow. 
And of course, don't forget to visit the Pow wow Page to see the latest updates on pow wows in your area!!

In Closing, I Thank and Praise the Creator for all the Blessings and Love. 
Much Love and many prayers