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31 July 2012

Travels, Pow Wows, and Life

Uncle Charles came to Strong Sun this year!

We were sitting for quite a while longer than we usually do before getting out on the trail.   The accident I was involved in had a Lot to do with that.  But after about 6 months of sitting we covered over 800 miles, visited with family on Holiday, replaced two bad tires, did back to back pow wows, squeezed in our 17th wedding anniversary , visited the caverns, and returned to a wonderful state Park in Virginia where I had a great herbal study last year. We have been here been here 7 days and I am still trying to catch up on chores and things! 

The Strong Sun pow wow this year had some rain and bad weather forecasts that I think put a damper on turnout.  However, it was an Amazing pow wow with Arvel Bird, John Sarantos, and all of our NC pow wow family in attendance.  I can say that this was truly the coolest (temperature) Strong Sun Pow wow we have had yet... but it was still pretty hot
All Pow wow pictures can be seen on my Flicker and all videos from all pow wows can be seen on my YouTube 

We stayed an extra day after the pow wow and took care of some tire issues.  The guys at Trailers of the East Coast Inc.  took good care of us.  I would Highly recommend them if you are in need and in the area.  See the pictures on Flickr for more shots of the 2007 Daytona 500 car that Clint Boyer crossed the finish line on fire in!!!

Up to the Mountains in Virginia was next, drums of Painted Mountain pow wow.  This was the second time for this particular pow wow.  Arvel Bird performed and it was simply Awesome.  I absolutely LOVE these pow wow grounds up in the mountains.  Definitely check out the video of Arvel doing Cherokee Shuffle, all the dancers had a blast dancing to it.  That Sunday was our 17th Wedding anniversary, we decided we would go to the Dixie Caverns after the pow wow for a couple days to celebrate. 

Dixie caverns was Packed, much more so than the 3 years ago we were there last.  We had a really Cool cavern Tour Guide named Brett, be sure to ask for him if you do the tour!  We stayed 2 nights, but it whizzed by and we were on the road again....

Finally reaching our destination and setting up camp for a few weeks here near Richmond, VA.  As I said, it has been a week and I MAY be finally catching up with things.  I still have plenty of Orders to fill, restocking to do, and i want to squeeze in some hiking and herbal studies.  There are never enough hours in a day!!  The SpiderwrulfNDNSupplies side of the shop did rather well for it's first 2 pow wows set up.  I will be re-stocking the beads and bones and still looking for the unusual type supplies and hard-to-find components.  So let us know what you are looking for.

Blogger is messing with my pictures, I hope they come out... you can always click on the picture to see it fully.  Gotta go and get to work, i have a Roach Spreader that needs to be finished beading, and 2 Dream catcher orders to get done as well. 
Much Love and many prayers

10 July 2012

Back on the Pow wow Trail in NC ~ VA

We spent a wonderful week in the Mountains near Chimney Rock, NC with family.   I Love it so much up here, it really gets the muscles working!  Apparently it was a workout for the 'new' Q as well, we had to spend some unexpected money on the car, Again!  She seems to be happy and running much better now. 

While walking around down in Chimney Rock, NC we found a camera on the side of the road with 189 pictures on it.  It must have been this young couple with baby pictures and vacation pictures from Disney.  I am trying to get the picture passed around on Facebook to see if perhaps we may be lucky enough to reunite them with their camera and pictures which go back as far as September 2011.  If you would help to share this with people you know and have them share as well.  I know it is a Longshot, but it is a shame for this couple to lose some of these great pictures.  I know, I lost a camera (through no fault of my own) that had pictures I really wanted to have on it. 

We are loading up to head to the Strong Sun Pow Wow this coming weekend.   This year's Strong Sun Pow Wow, in addition to the Concert by John Sarantos on Saturday will feature Arvel Bird Performing throughout the pow wow.  There will be Much more going on, such as the Vietnamese Montagnard.  They were really wonderful addition to the pow wow last year.  If you have not ever seen them, take a look at the short video I took last year, it is such a Distinctive sound and dance.   

July 13 -15, 2012 ~ Strong Sun Festival & Pow Wow

Tanglewood Park - 4061 Clemmons Rd ~ Clemmons, NC 27012
The Strong Sun Pow Wow is Open To The Public attendance with small donation. For more infomation please call us or info@nearriverdwellers.com For information on Park www.tanglewoodpark.org This is a Gathering of Native American people to share our Traditions and Customs with you.Master of Ceremonies - Ric Bird; Head Veteran - Elton Smith; Honor Veteran & flag Staff Carrier: Carlos Martin; Arena Director - Ken Cloudwalker; Lead Dancers - Mike & Jennie Cranford; William E, Vaughan-Lloyd, Jr. Vice Chief; Demonstraters: Weapons: Mr. Jim "Blackfeather" Jefferies; Flint Napping: Deer Man; Fire Building: Julius Perdue. We also have many other surprisers planned for you. All Traditional Drums Welcome. Special Programs and Dances for all ages. Friday and Grand Entry at 2Pm - Tanglewood Park will be charging $2 per vehicle fee. Admission by Small Donation: Adults $6.00 - Children 4- 18 $4.00 - Senior over 62 Free - Children 4 years old and under Free. Special Appearance: Mr. John Sarantos, a Native American Flute Player who has played Carnagie Hall and many other venues. John will be featured in Concert on Sunday Night. This event will be open to the public for a small donation. Mr. Sarantos, has also agreed to host several flute practice sessions on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There will something for everyone. This is a Family Program, Please have all Pets on Lease, No Alcohol, Drugs or Firearms Permitted. So grab a friend a Veteran and a Lawn Chair and come have some Fun. Shoes will be required at all times. Host Hotel: Super 8 Motel, Clemmons, NC. 1-336-778-0931 contact for special pow wow rates $59 per night ~ Neetribe, Inc. - 3517 Union Hill Rd - East Bend, NC 27018 - 1-336-816-7747 or strongsunpowwow@nearriverdwellers.com http://nearriverdwellers.com/

The Drums of Painted Mountain Pow wow is the weekend after. This is the second time for this particular Mountain Pow wow, again I absolutely Love the area it is in.  The Locals are so very nice and hospitable.  The people for Southwest Virginia Community College were also very accommodating.  If you get a chance to come out to either of these wonderful events, Please stop in the shop and say Hello!

July 20 - 22, 2012 ~ Drums of Painted Mountain Powwow
       Presented by: Inter Tribal Council of Southwest Virginia
MC - Ke Cloudwalker; Lead Male Dancer: Jeff Kemp; Lead Female Dancer: Elaina Tapley; Host Drum: Red Fire Singers; Native American Arts and Crafts;Native American Dancing; Good Food, Storytelling, Demonstrations, Special Programs, Bring Your Lawn Chairs and the Entire Family; Everyone Welcome! Open to the public! All Traditional Drums, Singers, Dancers, Welcome!Drugs, Alcohol, and Weapons are Prohibited! Friday 16: 1PM - 8:30PM Grand entry: 5PM; Saturday 17: 10AM - 8:30PM Grand entry: 12 Noon; Sunday 18: 1PM - 5PM Grand entry: 2PM; Admission Donation: Adults: $5, Students: $4, Children 8yrs and up: $4, Children under 8yrs: Free, Veterans & Seniors 55yrs and over: $3, Veterans with Veterans Feather: Free; Inter Tribal Council of Southwest Virginia - 590 Eva’s Walk, Pounding Mill, Virginia 24637 - Phone: 276-596-9281; CONTACT Info - Gray Wolf Wilson Or Lorie Clifton 276-596-9281 Vendor contract and website: http://www.intertribalcouncil.com/ Email is intertribalcouncil@yahoo.com