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17 September 2012

Amazon.com Vendor Charges $200 Shipping for Craft Supplies

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On Mon, 17 Sep, 2012 06:39:35 AM EDT, Six Directions Traders - Amazon Marketplace asked:
I was delighted to find your sale on Jingle Bells, as I have been looking for a bulk of them.  Darice Jingle Bells .75 30/Pkg-Silver $0.80
Jingle Bells 1-3/8-Inch, 4-Pack, Gold $0.15   Not sure why the Gold colored .75 bells were $7.57 per pack... that should have been my first Red Flag.  I certainly DO NOT appreciate being Raped for shipping!  How do you possibly come up with Shipping & Handling: $187.40  to ship to Florida USA.  Even if China was shipping them it would not cost this much!  Rest assured this Gouging will be reported to Amazon, Darice, and anyone else I can contact.  If this was an oversight, It is one Hell of an Oversight... Looks like a Scam to me, I have been in Retail for 25 years and selling online for 10 years.  I will hold further opinions and reporting on this situation to give you a chance to respond. 

I ordered 40 packs of bells and got a Shipping bill of $187.40!! 

I apologize for this, because Amazon uploads their own product weights sometimes products will have a very high shipping cost if it is calculated by weight. To try to fix this we charge shipping by the item. Sometimes this can get out of hand when customers are purchasing more than 1 small item. If you would like to place an order we would be more than happy to refund you so that shipping will be more reasonable.
Hope this helps.
Thank You

So, they want me to just go ahead and make the $200 purchase (most of which is shipping) and they will refund me some?!?  I think I would have to be the Biggest IDIOT on the planet to just go ahead and place that order!  I responded that I would rather purchase Overpriced bells than to Order with them.  AND As I was typing this post, they responded to my response:

On Mon, 17 Sep, 2012 11:50:42 AM EDT,   asked:
So, you are asking me to make the purchase with the outrageous shipping...
and Then you will refund me some?  I think I would rather purchase
overpriced bells than go through all that.

Thank you for letting us know.  If you need any further assistance in the future do not hesitate to contact us.

I think Darice should know that this HORRIBLE Business is promoting their products... I should also like for Amazon to know that this vendor of  is basically blaming them for some sort of Shipping Gouging Scam!  Do NOT be Fooled by Stuff4Scrapbooking's LOW Sale Prices!!!  BEWARE of Poor Business Practice, Bait and Switch, Gouging or "Oh it's Amazon's Fault"

MY Measly little craft store is on Artfire, and I have functionality to charge Proper shipping, with per item additions on multiple purchases, without Raping my Customer. 

Only my Opinion, Feel Free to leave your take on this below in a comment if you'd like.