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25 November 2012

Happy Sunday!

It has been a Whirlwind lately and I have not blogged in quite some time...  Well, here's a little something to get ya caught up.

We went to Folkston, GA to help with the Gathering of Eagles Pow wow.  The grounds here are always so beautiful, and accomodating to this event.  There was mowing, clearing, cutting, and such... along with the usual setting up of the Circle, Drum arbor, parking, perimeter, and Tipi Lodges. 
by Unknown Photographer
This is always such a nice encampment.  Buffalo Lodge by Grey Squirrel.  There were many dancers, vendors, and demonstators from Maine to Florida.  The weather could not have been any better for all as well, nott too hot not too cool. 

After the pow wow was over some people stayed the week until the Saturday event at UNF Jacksonville, FL.  That was a LOT of fun and a great social, there is a cook chickee on the grounds with a huge metal Triangle... we would take turns cooking Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner and when done would ring the "Come and Git It" Bell LOL!!  Then usually we hosted the Campfire, and would sit around and laugh, tell stories and juss catch up. 

The event at UNF was nice, there were several campus tours that came by to see us.  We were fed well and enjoyed the students interest in what we were doing.  Utah played his "Stick with Holes" and the demonstrators had a wonderful display.

The dancers were many for such a small event, Special Thanks to all those that came out and supported this event!

And then came time to load out and move on... One broken camper part and 40 miles later... a wonderful stopover with G-ma in Yulee, Fl.  

The acceptance into the Pack, does not guarantee, that you will not get bitten by the Individual Wolf.  

And finally we come to rest in a spot for the winter.  Wheeew... just in time for me to be busy, busy, busy, online!!  I got the workshop set up and Inventory updated online.  We had a great Turkey Day and Mommy, Daddy, and Doggies Weekend.  Already mapping out this coming Work Week... So Enjoy the weekend that's left, my work week starts at 4am!  
Much Love and many prayers ~wrulf

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