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11 February 2013

Adventures in Wizard101

I have had some medical issues of late and have needed a diversion from the norm.  A great friend had introduced me to the Online Game Wizard101 and I haven't looked back.  It is made for children about 10 years old through teen with an ESRB rating of E 10+.  You can read more info on the rating of this game here: https://www.wizard101.com/game/kid-safe-rating 
The game is free for most of the first world which is Wizard City, here you will learn how to navigate the game, follow quests, learn to duel,  acquire spells for a primary and secondary school of wizardry, and get the feel of the game.  It is also a social site where you can meet with friends or make new friends and chat while you play the game, fulfill quest and level up your wizard.  The schools of magic are Fire, Ice, Storm, Death, Life, Myth, and Balance.  This MMO, or MMORPG... Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game has great ratings for fun, safe, family game.  See article copied below.

Wizard 101 has been heralded as the kid's MMO for adults. The game is geared toward a younger audience with its playful characters and cartoon graphics, but don't be fooled by its exterior. Inside Wizard 101 is an intense MMO that uses great special effects for spells, daring and risky card game style combat, and a fun universe to explore for players.
The reason Wizard 101 takes home our Best Family Game of 2009 is because kids can play it with their parents and no one will be bored. Hardcore MMO players have come forward and said the game is fun and exciting to them as well.
Wizard 101 players begin as a novice wizard in school that can specialize in different school of magic. The range of possibilities from the Elements, Necromancy, and even Mythical legends really give the players some fun spells to cast. The deck based card combat system gives players a lot of options to build their spells and go out and battle ghouls, pirates, mummified alligators, and dark fairies. Not only that, but there is a PvP dueling system in the game, yes PvP in a family MMO! Wizard 101 recently added mounts to the game and is working on new areas for players to explore. Another fun part is playing the old school style arcade minigames to regain some mana points or win new rewards.

I have a little family of wizards going now, with the two main ones being Logan Wyrmflame and Iridian Wrymflame.   The Realm I play in is usually Humongofrog unless it is crowded on the weekend.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to meet up in the game.  If you think you may be interested in trying the game you can use this link:
and use this friend code:  F6L2D-4L8N5-33G9M-5L257
Logan is a Fire wizard and his secondary school is Death, hes is just over level 30 right now and working on the world of Marleybone.  Iridian is a Death wizard with a secondary in Myth and has just hit level 40, she is working on Mooshu and both of them are also in Grizzleheim.  I started a Storm wizard named Evan Wyrmfalme and he is just over level 5, so he can help anyone new who wants to come experience the game. 
As I said, most of the first world is free, you can get yearly memberships, but I like to pay per zone and just open each area as I come to it.  So if you join and want to finish the  Wizard City world, it will cost 3750 crowns.  You can purchase crowns online through the site, there are prepaid card for $10 and $20 that you can purchase in various stores like Dollar General or Walgreen's... for $10 you will get 5000 crowns, enough to open the first world completely and perhaps get some extra in-game goodies.    The Zone pricing chart can be seen on this page:  https://www.wizard101.com/game/area-pricing 
While many World of Warcaft or HALO players may think this game below them, I am thankful for it's ease of play and navigation.  There is a lot to it, that they give you in stages, accuracy of a spell, damage, resistance to certain magic, as I say, it can practice your math too :)  The game really leads you through the levels and teaches you about statistics, strategy, and team work.  It can really get your brain working as you get into the character.  You are sent to duel all kinds of creatures with the spell book and wand that the Headmaster Merle gives you to start your Journey in the Spiral.  Sometimes there will be puzzles that you have to figure out from clues in order to get a door too open to reach the next room, dungeon, boss or quest .  There are also things such as gaining a pet that helps you by casting spells or adding to your statistics in a duel.  You will train your pet by playing arcade style games with them and feeding them snacks, and just like you they will go up in levels and gain more abilities.  I hope this introduction has helped some and perhaps peaked your interest in the game.  Hope to see you in the Spiral!