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21 January 2014

****UPDATE**** Million Players Sanctiond over Free Housing item "exploit"

Well, if the people of the United States would come together as these millions of game players did, perhaps we could turn things around in this government too.  Here is a post from the Boycott Wizard page:
I have sent the petition signatures and comments to the Board of Directors, CEO AND COO of Kingsisle Entertainment. The fact that no one seems to be banned for the exploitation any more leaves us little room for legal recourse. Saying that, we have had a win! Those accounts that would have been banned are no longer banned. We have also shown KI that we will not accept unfair treatment. We will continue to show KI that they cannot bully us. Although many of us love the game, KI will understand that justice is more important to us than the game. Well done everyone! ~Gaff

It appears that my brother's ban has been changed to a suspension, although they never did email him.  These suspended days have given us time to shop for another game and rethink how these MMORPG's have unregulated power that NO Corporation should have. 

Big Thanks to all the supporters, and to Wizard101 for meeting us in the middle and understanding that it was not really a good idea to cut off that many paying customers.  We use Wizard to visit with one another across the country, so I will continue to do that, as I have sunk plenty of money into it and have the entire game open.  I seriously doubt they will get anymore of our money after this though.