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11 November 2015

Native American Cherokee Trail River Festival

This pow wow in South Carolina was cancelled, back in October, due to bad flooding from storms.  I have just been notified that the pow wow will be this weekend, Come on out if you're in that 'neck of the woods'.  


October 10 - 11, 2015 
Native American Cherokee Trail River Festival
1800 12th Street Ext. - Cayce, SC 29033

Circle of Native Americans Hosts Native American Cherokee Trail River Festival; Fun Festival for the entire family. Public is invited, FREE Admission; 10am - 5pm; Grand Entry 12 noon; Native American Dancers in Regalia; History of the Cherokee Trail and Demonstrators; Story Telling, Children Activities; Craft Vendors, Food Vendors; Host Hotel Knights Inn Airport West Columbia, SC ** $32.99 ** ask for the special pow wow rate 803-794-0222; For more pow wow info Contact Laura Bailey 803-366-1705 or email circleofnativeamericans@gmail.com 

Edisto River Singers

  • Native American Dancers in Regalia
  • History of the Cherokee Trail
  • Story Telling
  • Children's Activities
  • Craft Vendors - Food Vendors
  • Head Lady: Barbara MorningStar Paul
  • Head Male: John Wakinyan
  • AD: GT Martinez
  • MC: Joey Jordan
  • Host Drum: Edisto River Singers
  • Soulful Echos
  • Special Guest: Chief Steve Silverheels, son of Jay Silverheels, 'Tonto'
  • Native Nations Museum
  • Robert Redhawk, bringing History to Life
  • Aztec Dancers: Tlaltlacayolotl which means Earth, Heart, and Man

30 October 2015

Making Halloween This Weekend!

We will be away all weekend starting 30 October through 2 November, we are celebrating the Holiday with a home Haunt and some other Festivities.

  NOTE** Any purchases made, or questions emailed, will be taken care of on Monday.  
Thank You 
Celeste Spiderwrulf

29 September 2015

Where's the Pow Wow?

We are trying to get the pow wow page updated with events so please visit:

If you know of an event that is not listed, please send info and/or Flyer.  Due to being removed from Facecrook, I no longer have the FREE access to Pow Wow Flyers, Information, Gatherings, and Festivals.  I am listing events that are email submitted to me on the pow wow page as they come in, but there is no time to search for events.  

It has truly been the Lost Summer for me, some health issues and working through the possessions of my deceased siblings has taken a Lot of my time.  I am doing the best I can to keep the pow wow page going and posting flyers on my Google+ Please feel free to attach to me there if you want to keep contact as I am trying to post 'goings on' there.  

I have been working on the online shops as well, trying to get them beefed up for the Holidays, so if you have a special order please get it in soon... as the orders are already flowing in. Visit the shop at: Six Directions Traders 

Thank you to all my supporters and followers, please feel free to email me at: Spiderwrulf@SixDirectionsTraders.com 

Much Love and many prayers

10 June 2015

Bullied By Facebook, Harassment Continues

I have Contact information for the registrar of the Facebook domain, If you are being Bullied or Harassed by Facebook I suggest you keep trying to contact them.  I have sent Yet another email explaining that I need ALL my pages shut down and will let y'all know how that goes.  Here is the information:

We suggest you contact the registrant of the domain to resolve your complaint.  Complaints can be addressed to:
Registrant Name: Domain Administrator
Registrant Organization: Facebook, Inc.
Registrant Street: 1601 Willow Road,
Registrant City: Menlo Park
Registrant State/Province: CA
Registrant Postal Code: 94025
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.6505434800
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax: +1.6505434800
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: domain@fb.com

Following is the letter I sent them:

I want to file a complaint about your website Facebook.com.   I understand the policy that caused Facebook to lock out my personal account because I would not provide my personal identification such as Birth Record.  I feel that I am being Bullied by an alleged FREE Social Media Corporation, because I will not upload personal information for my own personal security .  I chose NOT to upload this information, therefore I am ok with them removing my personal profile.  I do, however, need my business pages taken down, they are still sitting idle with no way for me to communicate what happened, to my customers.  I am also getting Inundated with notifications from Facebook in my email inbox.  This needs to stop, if my account is locked out and deactivated, I should no longer be harassed by this site .  It is over 2 weeks and I have no way to contact them to make them removed it all.  My pages are now in jeopardy of being Hacked or Slandered by sitting there idle with no moderator.  The pages and what is contained on them are still MY property and uphold MY reputation and business established  for 13 years.   ALL people know me by my stage name Celeste Spiderwrulf and that is how they FIND me.  The pages that need to be shut down are Six Directions Traders, SpiderwrulfNDNsupplies, and Beware Alibaba.com.  I am pleading with you to make them do something, this is effecting my business, and is flooding my inbox with correspondence that I can not respond to.  I did have some communication with someone named Phoebe, but all she did was tell me how to start a business page on  Facebook.  I intend on publicly spreading the word about Your company, Facebook, and Mark Zuckerberg until I get resolution.  My next step is hiring a Lawyer to help me get this taken care of.  I await your response.
Celeste Spiderwrulf

02 June 2015

#MyNameIs ~ Many people going through what happened to me on Facebook

It Looks as if the protesters swayed Facebook to change the requirements to only needing a magazine subscription, Library Card or piece of mail with the "authentic name" on it.  However, my personal account is now so Locked up it is deactivated... and my Business "Pages" are all still out there sitting Idle :{
Take a look at the article and video: #MyNameIs

01 June 2015

June Bug ~ Summer is Upon Us ~


Well here we are into June, Happy Summer Y'all!  The kids are all starting to get done with school for the year, I won't say the weather is getting HOT... in FL the weather is always HOT :)

One thing that there isn't many of, is Pow Wow's in FL in the summer.  You talk about the heat, but also... it's Hurricane Season too!  So, the state pretty much takes the summer off and some dancers or vendors may travel north to other circuits to continue the "Pow Wow" thang :}

Our wonderful children are aging quite rapidly before our very eyes (80's now), therefore I regret to inform our Northern family that the dogs and I will be staying the summer right where we are on the ranch this year.  We had constructed a wooden ramp for them to get in and out of the camper and had toted all around with us for a couple years now.  Well, we owe them a break, they have both been so Awesome in all our travels from 2004 to present.  The least we could do for our furry chillen. 

BIG Changes abound on the internet, as we see from previous posts on this blogg.  My online shop has a change that begins TODAY!  The fee structure, of course, is involved and I am still evaluating how this will work out.  Nevertheless, Please contact me directly, if you are in need of anything... if it is not listed in the shop I can list it, or just send a Paypal invoice which is the safest way anyway.  I am still working on a few special orders, there are a few in the cue to start transaction/production phase, and I am still trying to keep the veterans honor necklaces re-stocked.  I say it all the time, and here goes "There are NEVER enough hours in a day".

Please stay in touch,
Love one another,
and don't be consumed so much,
by the rush of everyday life,
for the curtain may close,
in the fleeting second that,
you did not take,
 to LOOK at that rose,
let alone take the time to smell it <3

Much Love and many prayers,

31 May 2015

Please SHARE, Alert everyone who is on Facebook


I keep getting notifications for my Celeste Spiderwrulf Facebook account.  I need Facebook to shut it down and stop harassing my email inbox with notifications.  Facebook is not letting me even notify my friends, groups, and business page followers that they have done this to me.  I want Facebook to completely Shut down ALL my pages as well as my personal account that they have Locked me out of; SpiderwrulfNDNsupplies, SixDirectionsTraders, and "Beware Alibaba.com has Vendors who steal  Artisans Crafts".  Facebook is now jeopardizing my personal internet security by allowing those profiles and pages to sit idle.  That is a Hackers delight, like when a person dies but their Facebook account still sits there... eventually a robot will take over and spam out the dead person's contact list.  I am documenting everything and will be contacting and posting to Media, Lawyers, local law enforcement, and anyone else who will listen.  It is going on 2 weeks that my personal account has been locked out, and I want it shut down or reinstated Immediately. 

I, Celeste Spiderwrulf, understand that all I need to do is upload my personal identification (such as birth records) to Facebook, to verify "my real name"... and I choose NOT to do so, as I feel this violates my personal security online.  I am being held hostage by this corporation, and for what?  And Who is Next? I think I have the right to stay somewhat anonymous online to protect MY Identity, Livelihood, Business, Reputation and just plain Personal AMERICAN FREEDOM. 

​Much Love and many prayers,

#MyNameIs Celeste Spiderwrulf​

30 May 2015

Over a week Locked out of my Facebook page, still being Harassed

It has been over a week, and I still have my Facebook business page in Limbo, and my personal page Locked out.  They closed my case after the inittal contact I made, this is what I uploaded as Identification to them: #MyNameIs

and now I see it re-opened, here is the correspondence so far:

Hi, Thanks for contacting us. At this time, we can't verify your name. It might be because it doesn't follow our name standards and has: - Symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, repeating characters or punctuation - Characters from multiple languages - Titles of any kind (ex: professional, religious)- More than one person’s name, because Facebook accounts are for individual use Facebook is a place where people use their authentic identities, and we want to make sure you can use yours. If this is the name you are known by in everyday life, please help us verify it by attaching a copy of an ID that shows your name, photo and date of birth in a reply to this email. We accept the following types of documentation:https://www.facebook.com/help/www/159096464162185/?ref=cr

 Thanks, Phoebe Community Operations Facebook

This case is NOT Closed. I want all of the pages shut down, I want all of
the notifications stopped, my email inbox is inundated with all my friends
posts, comments, updates and such. MAKE IT STOP! You are NOT getting my
personal Identification, NOW this is becoming Harassing. I have been
Celeste Spiderwrulf for more years than I have been on Facebook. I am in
fear that someone will hack my account now, anyone can upload an ID to you
and take over my account and business pages. I can be slandered, stolen
from, my customers have no idea what is going on, and why I am not
responding to them. NOW, I am looking into a lawyer. This can not be
allowed!?! YOU are harassing me by filling my inbox with notifications that
I can not respond to. You are holding me hostage by my business and
putting my reputation at jeopardy now. ​
SHUT IT ALL DOWN OR reinstate it:
Six Directions Traders
Celeste Spiderwrulf


A musician, public figure, business, or other organization can create Facebook Pages to share information, interact with their fans, and create a highly engaging presence plugged into Facebook’s social graph. These Pages are distinct presences, separate from users’ Timelines, and optimized for these presences’ needs to communicate, distribute information/content, engage their fans, and capture new audiences virally through their fans’ recommendations to their friends. Facebook Pages are designed to be a media rich, valuable presence solution for any figure, business, or brand that can be integrated seamlessly into the user experience with socially-relevant applications.

To create a Page, please visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php or simply click on the ‘Create a page for your business’ link at the bottom of any Page.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Community Operations

Did you read what I wrote to you? They shut my personal profile down and
now I can not access my business page. I will not provide ID so I forfeit
my accounts, however I want it All shut down. Quit with the robot
responses and Do something Phoebe!

I can't unsubscribe to all the notifications sent to me. SHUT MY PAGES
DOWN! Shut it all off, I am being harassed now, make it stop. I can not
access my pages, you shut my personal profile down, so shut the pages down
and STOP ALL notifications!
Celeste SPiderwrulf
Six Directions Traders

I just don't know what to do, I keep getting TONS of notifications in my email about all my friends posts, pictures, comments and groups and such.  It is becoming harassing and has taken up much of my time.  I am being held Hostage by Facebook until I upload my actual birth records, photo ID and such.  SHUT IT DOWN! I will NOT send you my personal identification, you are NOT Paypal and have NO business knowing that information.  I have been Celeste Spiderwrulf since the turn of the millennia ALL my pages, shops and such show it. 

WHAT CAN I DO?? A Lawyer? Media Outlet? Does anyone even care that it could happen to them?  DO most people just give them what they want because they MUST be on facebook that bad?!?!

22 May 2015

Facebook Locked me out for #MyNameIs

As of this morning I, Celeste Spiderwrulf, have been locked out of my personal Facebook profile account.  I have been called this name, associated with my shop, Six Directions Traders since 2001.  My business page on Facebook seems to still be up and running, however I can not access it.  There seems to be no way to contact the Facebook Corporation as they just refer you to the help center robot stuff.  I am posting out to everyone that knows me so that they can be aware of how sudden this can happen to anyone apparently. 

Facebook wants me to upload personal Identification documents, such as Birth records, to them so that they can review and see if this is my authentic name.  Please take a look at the following link to see what Facebook is asking me for and decide for yourself...  Would you upload this information to save your Social Media Facebook account?  https://www.facebook.com/help/159096464162185

I refuse to send my personal information like that to a Corporation, all they are doing is bullying me.  I would not "PAY to Play" (pay money to boost the posts from my business page to get more views and traffic) with my Six Directions Traders page there... So, they cut my postings to my followers, who did not get to see the posts that Facebook decided they could not see of mine.  I would not give them my phone number, "in case you get locked out of your account"... Hmmmmm?!?!! wonder how they knew that would happen?  NOW, my personal profile page (which is the name in question) is deactivated, from what I can tell.  The BUSINESS page is still showing and I have no access to it.  Everything on there is Still MY Intellectual property, in my Opinion.  There is NO easily obtainable way to contact facebook,  I tried to tell them to just deactivate all my pages as well. 

I have spent much of the day posting things on ALL my social pages and profiles that are (AND HAVE BEEN) connected to Celeste Spiderwrulf and Six Directions Traders, including but NOT Limited to www.SixDIrectionsTraders.com ; SpiderwrulfNDNsupplies ; BadPennyCurioz ; and any association with ANY of my dot com email address: Spiderwrulf@SixDirectionsTraders.com 
ALL these things I do are connected, anyone who doesn't know me can plainly see this.  I want my account and business page BACK or I want it all REMOVED!  I think I have the right to stay somewhat anonymous online to protect MY Identity, Livelihood, Business, Reputation and just plain Personal AMERICAN FREEDOM. 

Just a heads up Y'all, you may be next
Much Love and many prayers,
Celeste Spiderwrulf

11 April 2015

Setting up shop in Mount Dora, Florida

It has been a couple crazy years for us, accidents, surgeries, multiple deaths in the family... Trying to get back on our feet and caught up with the pow wow page, the online shops, and the special orders. 

Looks like we are gonna hunker down for a bit here in Mount Dora, Florida and set up shop at Renninger's Twin Market's We will be liquidating all kinds of estate items that we have collected over the year.  We'll be able to have people in to teach beading techniques and such.  Local Central Florida Dancers, Friends, and Followers... please let us know if there is anything in particular you would need for me to stock and I will do my best to provide it.  Along with SpiderwrulfNDNsupplies shop for components, beadz, featherz, and such... Six Directions Traders will introduce another division of the shop called Bad Penny Curioz

The online venue for this will be through Blujay, which is transitioning to eBluejay and is in Beta at the moment.  I have not used this venue yet to process a sale, so it is all new to me.  The payments are safest and secure through Paypal, which has come a long way in the past 13 years or so that I have been using them.  You no longer have to sign up through Paypal, you can make a payment through them with your credit or debit card as you would any other merchant.  I am the one that incurs the fee, but for me it is a convenience I pay for, to make it easier on the customer.  Mail Order payments are also accepted, communication on that can be done through the checkout, or prior to multiple purchase, or combined shipping orders. 

**Follow us to see what the dog does next, when she realizes I took a picture

Pow Wow Calendar

Submit Pow wow info for the pow wow page to spiderwrulf@gmail.com  If you send an electronic flyer it will be posted on Facebook as well.  Feel free to use the above banner if you would like to link back to the pow wow page. 

Thank you all for your continued support, working on getting some techniques and tutorials I can post to help some folks out. 
Much Love and many prayers,

19 February 2015

2015 Thundering Spirit Pow Wow ~ Mount Dora, Florida

2015 Thundering Spirit Pow Wow
*Peace & Unity for All Nations*
February 27 - 28, March 1, 2015
Renninger's Twin Markets
20651 New Highway 441 Mount Dora, Florida 32757
Friday February 27th 2015, Grand Entry at 7:00pm
Saturday February 28th 2015, Grand Entry at 1:00pm & 7:00pm
Sunday March 1st 2015 Grand Entry at 1:00pm
Gates Open at 10:00am Daily
Friday February 27th is Children's Day from 9:00am - 2:00pm with special Demonstrations, Games, etc.
Please join us for Traditional Native American Culture Including: Drumming, Dancing, Crafts, and Food.
Bring the whole Family and spend the day,  Don't forget to bring Chairs and/or Blankets to sit on
Admission ~ Required Donation: Adults $5.00 Children Under 12 FREE
Active, Retired or Service Persons Admitted FREE
Award-winning Violinist, Flutist, Story Teller, and Recording Artist: Arvel Bird
Grammy Award-winning Recording Artist: Joanne Shenandoah
Flutist: Mark Barfoot
Aztec Dancers: Tlaltlacayolotl ~ Earth, Heart, Man
Guest Elder: Kashka - Tlingit Legend Keeper - Storyteller
Host Hotel: E.com Lodge
E.Com Lodge ~ 18730 U.S. Highway 441 ~ Mount Dora, FL 32757
For additional Information or to sponsor
Call Tony Ledford at: 352 636-4271 or 352 589-0045
or write: PO BOX 1141 ~ Eustis, FL 32727
Wrede’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
4820 Wilderness Trail
Sebring, Florida 33875
Tlaltlacayolotl ~ Earth, Heart, Man
Tlaltlacayolotl means earth, heart, man. We are descendants of the Aztec Tribe, from the center of Mexico where the Aztecs constructed their empire called Teotihucan. It has been more than 500 years since first European contact. We are a culture that have studied nature and the cosmos for centuries. Our dances reflect the cosmic universe and all that exists within mother earth. Our group is a family of four: father, mother, son, and daughter. Our dances and our culture have been passed down and learned through the generations. Our work is that the cultures of all the indigenous peoples are always together. In that way, we learn more of other cultures and each know of their own beauty. The indigenous world and we wish to teach that still, in this 21st century, one can learn of our culture. We teach the culture of Mexica. We do presentations at festivals, schools, and various events. With pre-hispanic music, pre-hispanic dance and explanations we teach of our culture. The presentations can be from 30 minutes up to 2 hours.
EARS Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary P.O. BOX 3686 Ocala, FL 34478
Hope to see Y'all out at the pow wow this year, there will be entertainment starting at 10am daily.  Dancers Luck of the Draw Daily. Great Food, Great People, Great Fun!
Much Love and many prayers,

02 February 2015

Brooksville Native American Festival

February 7 - 8, 2015 ~ Brooksville Native American Festival
Florida Classic Park ~ 5360 Lockhart Road ~ Brooksville, Florida 34601
Featured performers will be Little Big Mountain Dancers, Shelley Morningsong and Chipa Wolfe. There will be dance and drumming presentations, primitive skills and Native horsemanship demonstrations and Native food, arts and crafts. Admission is $7.00 for adults $4.00 for kids 5-12.  Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 10am - 5pm; More Info 352-797-7886

Looking forward to getting here this weekend, Hope to see y'all out there.