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11 April 2015

Setting up shop in Mount Dora, Florida

It has been a couple crazy years for us, accidents, surgeries, multiple deaths in the family... Trying to get back on our feet and caught up with the pow wow page, the online shops, and the special orders. 

Looks like we are gonna hunker down for a bit here in Mount Dora, Florida and set up shop at Renninger's Twin Market's We will be liquidating all kinds of estate items that we have collected over the year.  We'll be able to have people in to teach beading techniques and such.  Local Central Florida Dancers, Friends, and Followers... please let us know if there is anything in particular you would need for me to stock and I will do my best to provide it.  Along with SpiderwrulfNDNsupplies shop for components, beadz, featherz, and such... Six Directions Traders will introduce another division of the shop called Bad Penny Curioz

The online venue for this will be through Blujay, which is transitioning to eBluejay and is in Beta at the moment.  I have not used this venue yet to process a sale, so it is all new to me.  The payments are safest and secure through Paypal, which has come a long way in the past 13 years or so that I have been using them.  You no longer have to sign up through Paypal, you can make a payment through them with your credit or debit card as you would any other merchant.  I am the one that incurs the fee, but for me it is a convenience I pay for, to make it easier on the customer.  Mail Order payments are also accepted, communication on that can be done through the checkout, or prior to multiple purchase, or combined shipping orders. 

**Follow us to see what the dog does next, when she realizes I took a picture

Pow Wow Calendar

Submit Pow wow info for the pow wow page to spiderwrulf@gmail.com  If you send an electronic flyer it will be posted on Facebook as well.  Feel free to use the above banner if you would like to link back to the pow wow page. 

Thank you all for your continued support, working on getting some techniques and tutorials I can post to help some folks out. 
Much Love and many prayers,