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22 May 2015

Facebook Locked me out for #MyNameIs

As of this morning I, Celeste Spiderwrulf, have been locked out of my personal Facebook profile account.  I have been called this name, associated with my shop, Six Directions Traders since 2001.  My business page on Facebook seems to still be up and running, however I can not access it.  There seems to be no way to contact the Facebook Corporation as they just refer you to the help center robot stuff.  I am posting out to everyone that knows me so that they can be aware of how sudden this can happen to anyone apparently. 

Facebook wants me to upload personal Identification documents, such as Birth records, to them so that they can review and see if this is my authentic name.  Please take a look at the following link to see what Facebook is asking me for and decide for yourself...  Would you upload this information to save your Social Media Facebook account?  https://www.facebook.com/help/159096464162185

I refuse to send my personal information like that to a Corporation, all they are doing is bullying me.  I would not "PAY to Play" (pay money to boost the posts from my business page to get more views and traffic) with my Six Directions Traders page there... So, they cut my postings to my followers, who did not get to see the posts that Facebook decided they could not see of mine.  I would not give them my phone number, "in case you get locked out of your account"... Hmmmmm?!?!! wonder how they knew that would happen?  NOW, my personal profile page (which is the name in question) is deactivated, from what I can tell.  The BUSINESS page is still showing and I have no access to it.  Everything on there is Still MY Intellectual property, in my Opinion.  There is NO easily obtainable way to contact facebook,  I tried to tell them to just deactivate all my pages as well. 

I have spent much of the day posting things on ALL my social pages and profiles that are (AND HAVE BEEN) connected to Celeste Spiderwrulf and Six Directions Traders, including but NOT Limited to www.SixDIrectionsTraders.com ; SpiderwrulfNDNsupplies ; BadPennyCurioz ; and any association with ANY of my dot com email address: Spiderwrulf@SixDirectionsTraders.com 
ALL these things I do are connected, anyone who doesn't know me can plainly see this.  I want my account and business page BACK or I want it all REMOVED!  I think I have the right to stay somewhat anonymous online to protect MY Identity, Livelihood, Business, Reputation and just plain Personal AMERICAN FREEDOM. 

Just a heads up Y'all, you may be next
Much Love and many prayers,
Celeste Spiderwrulf