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30 May 2015

Over a week Locked out of my Facebook page, still being Harassed

It has been over a week, and I still have my Facebook business page in Limbo, and my personal page Locked out.  They closed my case after the inittal contact I made, this is what I uploaded as Identification to them: #MyNameIs

and now I see it re-opened, here is the correspondence so far:

Hi, Thanks for contacting us. At this time, we can't verify your name. It might be because it doesn't follow our name standards and has: - Symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, repeating characters or punctuation - Characters from multiple languages - Titles of any kind (ex: professional, religious)- More than one person’s name, because Facebook accounts are for individual use Facebook is a place where people use their authentic identities, and we want to make sure you can use yours. If this is the name you are known by in everyday life, please help us verify it by attaching a copy of an ID that shows your name, photo and date of birth in a reply to this email. We accept the following types of documentation:https://www.facebook.com/help/www/159096464162185/?ref=cr

 Thanks, Phoebe Community Operations Facebook

This case is NOT Closed. I want all of the pages shut down, I want all of
the notifications stopped, my email inbox is inundated with all my friends
posts, comments, updates and such. MAKE IT STOP! You are NOT getting my
personal Identification, NOW this is becoming Harassing. I have been
Celeste Spiderwrulf for more years than I have been on Facebook. I am in
fear that someone will hack my account now, anyone can upload an ID to you
and take over my account and business pages. I can be slandered, stolen
from, my customers have no idea what is going on, and why I am not
responding to them. NOW, I am looking into a lawyer. This can not be
allowed!?! YOU are harassing me by filling my inbox with notifications that
I can not respond to. You are holding me hostage by my business and
putting my reputation at jeopardy now. ​
SHUT IT ALL DOWN OR reinstate it:
Six Directions Traders
Celeste Spiderwrulf


A musician, public figure, business, or other organization can create Facebook Pages to share information, interact with their fans, and create a highly engaging presence plugged into Facebook’s social graph. These Pages are distinct presences, separate from users’ Timelines, and optimized for these presences’ needs to communicate, distribute information/content, engage their fans, and capture new audiences virally through their fans’ recommendations to their friends. Facebook Pages are designed to be a media rich, valuable presence solution for any figure, business, or brand that can be integrated seamlessly into the user experience with socially-relevant applications.

To create a Page, please visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php or simply click on the ‘Create a page for your business’ link at the bottom of any Page.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Community Operations

Did you read what I wrote to you? They shut my personal profile down and
now I can not access my business page. I will not provide ID so I forfeit
my accounts, however I want it All shut down. Quit with the robot
responses and Do something Phoebe!

I can't unsubscribe to all the notifications sent to me. SHUT MY PAGES
DOWN! Shut it all off, I am being harassed now, make it stop. I can not
access my pages, you shut my personal profile down, so shut the pages down
and STOP ALL notifications!
Celeste SPiderwrulf
Six Directions Traders

I just don't know what to do, I keep getting TONS of notifications in my email about all my friends posts, pictures, comments and groups and such.  It is becoming harassing and has taken up much of my time.  I am being held Hostage by Facebook until I upload my actual birth records, photo ID and such.  SHUT IT DOWN! I will NOT send you my personal identification, you are NOT Paypal and have NO business knowing that information.  I have been Celeste Spiderwrulf since the turn of the millennia ALL my pages, shops and such show it. 

WHAT CAN I DO?? A Lawyer? Media Outlet? Does anyone even care that it could happen to them?  DO most people just give them what they want because they MUST be on facebook that bad?!?!