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31 May 2015

Please SHARE, Alert everyone who is on Facebook


I keep getting notifications for my Celeste Spiderwrulf Facebook account.  I need Facebook to shut it down and stop harassing my email inbox with notifications.  Facebook is not letting me even notify my friends, groups, and business page followers that they have done this to me.  I want Facebook to completely Shut down ALL my pages as well as my personal account that they have Locked me out of; SpiderwrulfNDNsupplies, SixDirectionsTraders, and "Beware Alibaba.com has Vendors who steal  Artisans Crafts".  Facebook is now jeopardizing my personal internet security by allowing those profiles and pages to sit idle.  That is a Hackers delight, like when a person dies but their Facebook account still sits there... eventually a robot will take over and spam out the dead person's contact list.  I am documenting everything and will be contacting and posting to Media, Lawyers, local law enforcement, and anyone else who will listen.  It is going on 2 weeks that my personal account has been locked out, and I want it shut down or reinstated Immediately. 

I, Celeste Spiderwrulf, understand that all I need to do is upload my personal identification (such as birth records) to Facebook, to verify "my real name"... and I choose NOT to do so, as I feel this violates my personal security online.  I am being held hostage by this corporation, and for what?  And Who is Next? I think I have the right to stay somewhat anonymous online to protect MY Identity, Livelihood, Business, Reputation and just plain Personal AMERICAN FREEDOM. 

​Much Love and many prayers,

#MyNameIs Celeste Spiderwrulf​