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01 June 2015

June Bug ~ Summer is Upon Us ~


Well here we are into June, Happy Summer Y'all!  The kids are all starting to get done with school for the year, I won't say the weather is getting HOT... in FL the weather is always HOT :)

One thing that there isn't many of, is Pow Wow's in FL in the summer.  You talk about the heat, but also... it's Hurricane Season too!  So, the state pretty much takes the summer off and some dancers or vendors may travel north to other circuits to continue the "Pow Wow" thang :}

Our wonderful children are aging quite rapidly before our very eyes (80's now), therefore I regret to inform our Northern family that the dogs and I will be staying the summer right where we are on the ranch this year.  We had constructed a wooden ramp for them to get in and out of the camper and had toted all around with us for a couple years now.  Well, we owe them a break, they have both been so Awesome in all our travels from 2004 to present.  The least we could do for our furry chillen. 

BIG Changes abound on the internet, as we see from previous posts on this blogg.  My online shop has a change that begins TODAY!  The fee structure, of course, is involved and I am still evaluating how this will work out.  Nevertheless, Please contact me directly, if you are in need of anything... if it is not listed in the shop I can list it, or just send a Paypal invoice which is the safest way anyway.  I am still working on a few special orders, there are a few in the cue to start transaction/production phase, and I am still trying to keep the veterans honor necklaces re-stocked.  I say it all the time, and here goes "There are NEVER enough hours in a day".

Please stay in touch,
Love one another,
and don't be consumed so much,
by the rush of everyday life,
for the curtain may close,
in the fleeting second that,
you did not take,
 to LOOK at that rose,
let alone take the time to smell it <3

Much Love and many prayers,