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07 April 2016

Creating Your Own Success ~ Mic Jordan


This video is a little long, 13 minutes, but it is well worth the watch AND Listen... a lot of you may not understand or care for hip hop, however I challenge you to watch this through to the end.  His final words on the video say it all.  
If it touched you as much as it did me on this Gloomy, Rainy, Migraine day for me... AGAIN, I challenge you:
Everyone can FWD, Share, and Inundate our email boxes with all these prayers, story's, Meme's, and tear jerker "make you think" kinda things that they expect you to Share/Post/FWD...
DARE you to Share this one, it might INSPIRE a someone TODAY... and YOU will be the Catalyst!

"Please Don't fail at creating your success by living someone else's success story" 

I have NO REGRETS for taking the Leap of Faith I did or Living the Life I do.  We may not always have the means to do things like others do, yet we always seem to have what we NEED, and not always what we WANT which keeps us Strong on our path to "Creating Our Own Success" 
Much Love and many prayers

**** Thank you Mic Jordan, and the props to Biggie Smalls hit my heart.  Keep it Strong Brother!

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and keep me "Creating my own Success"