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15 October 2016

Officially Moved out of Florida

We have officially moved out of the state of Florida and are now located in Maryland. It has been some time getting everything moved up here and set up.  We are starting to get back to a routine, thank you for being patient.  There will be some changes coming due to commitments and time constraints.  One of the biggest changes is that the pow wow calendar page on the dot com is no longer going to be updated.  I wrestled with this a few years ago, and I just don't have the information coming in like it used to for the events.  I also do not have time to search for all the pow wows that people are asking about and writing for information on.   
I intend on decorating for Halloween for the first time in many many years, and enjoying one of my favorite holidays.  I will begin to list certain trade goods on eBay and run some clearance sales in the online shops on Artfire, So check back often ;)  
We have been adopted by an elder woman, to take care of her for the rest of her days.  This is the most important change to our schedule, and will take priority over many smaller tasks.  A woman we knew from the pow wow trail came to us for assistance 2 years ago, we accepted the challenge and haven't looked back.  

We have quite a bit of inventory all in one place for the first time in many years.  So stay tuned for some Unique Trade Goods, and Quality Handcrafted Gifts.  Thank you all for your support over the years, Please stay in touch.
Much Love and Many Prayers,
Celeste Spiderwrulf & Ken Cloudwalker